Marco Rubio to Support Rex Tillerson

An image of Marco Rubio speaking.

Senator Marco Rubio announced that he will vote to confirm Rex Tillerson as the new Secretary of State. Rubio’s support all but guarantees that Tillerson will be met with favorable decisions on Monday evening by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Given the uncertainty that exists both at home and abroad about the direction of our foreign policy, it would be against our national interests to have this confirmation unnecessarily delayed or embroiled in controversy,” Rubio said in his statement. “Therefore, despite my reservations, I will support Mr. Tillerson’s nomination in committee and in the full Senate.”

Rubio was one of three Senate Republicans refusing to support Tillerson due to perceived issues regarding his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Two of the three Republicans, Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham, announced over the past weekend that they would support Tillerson.

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