Prominent eSports Organization eRa Eternity Rejoins The Scene

An image of the eRa eternity logo.

eSports has been gaining in popularity over the last 5 years like no one has ever seen before. Top companies like Coke, Red Bull, Monster, Samsung, and Pepsi have all invested into the growing eSports scene by sponsoring major events, players, and teams in order to gain ground on a massive demographic of dedicated gamers.

The online superstore Amazon has also dipped its finger into the scene by acquiring streaming platform Twitch.TV for a little under $1 Billion.

For anyone confused with what eSports is, it is kind of like traditional sports, but without the physical activity of main top sports games such as Football, Basketball, or Hockey. eSports is a combination of the best gamers in the world playing under brands in sponsored tournaments for prize pools that have in some cases totaled over $18 Million.

eSports is quickly gaining ground in mainstream media, and big companies are coming along for the ride as well.

eRa Eternity was once an online gaming Goliath that mainly posted videos to YouTube that revolved around the game Call of Duty by Activision—but now it is taking a much more vivid approach to the gaming scene: eSports.

With the acquisition of the main executives that created a household name in eSports from Most Wanted, eRa has brought over talent that has proven to succeed in the world of eSports.

The CEO and head of eRa eSports Alex Arteaga (known as ‘Azuhl’ or ‘Aleex’) from Most Wanted plans to hopefully bring an entirely new perspective to online gaming.

We got a chance to talk with Alex and Jordan Daley (Owner and Chairman of Most Wanted eSports) about the recent partnership between eRa Eternity and Most Wanted.

eRa and Most Wanted plan to conquer the gaming industry on all levels including media platforms and on-stage events, the partnership has been going extremely smooth and we are excited to see what we can bring to the eSports scene.

— Alex Arteaga, CEO & Jordan Daley, COO

eRa will face some interesting challenges while they attempt to re-associate into the eSports scene and gain the support that other massive eSports organizations like Team SoloMid, Team Liquid, and FaZeClan have—however, they have already taken an amazing leap by picking up teams in the Rainbow 6 Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene that seem to be making waves.

eRa is also already making major moves in the form of marketing and social media by hyping up their fan base by hinting at a possible run for the Call of Duty $200,000 Championship in Atlanta.

We also got a chance to speak with the Chief Marketing Officer of eRa Eternity Brett Kubiak on his plans to make eRa a well-known name in the eSports community.

eRa has already been taking all the possible measures to regain lost ground within the gaming community, we have connected with the original leaders of the old YouTube content team in order to revamp our presence on YouTube and other social media outlets—and plan to have them lead the entertainment side of eRa back to the top.

— Brett Kubiak, CMO

eRa has also released their brand new website which can be viewed here.

The entire team seems to be extremely professional and has a great vision for the future of eRa Eternity and we believe that they can truly make a mark on the gaming community. Be sure to stay up to date with what eRa is doing by following their twitter. Also, make sure to follow Alex, Jordan, and Brett for further updates on the future of this promising organization.

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