Media Cites Study, Saying “White Americans have committed more acts of terror post 9/11 than Muslim immigrants” – It’s True, But There’s A Catch

A close up image of a survey where "white" has a checked box while "arab american" does not have a box next to it to even check.

While browsing the internet, I came across an interesting post by Redditor FL2PC7TLE amid the many Christmas themed discussion threads. The post was a breakdown and analysis of an older study picked up by mainstream media outlets last year. Notably, the New York Times (NYT) cited the report in their article titled ”Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadists in U.S. Since 9/11.” Curious about the breakdown, I found myself drawn into the details he pointed out and the subsequent conversation.

The report that the NYT piece cited an NBC article stating ”white Americans are biggest terror threat in U.S. study.” The NBC article then links to a piece by Public Radio International (PRI), which also claimed that “White Americans” have committed more terrorism than Muslims. The PRI piece contained the link to the original study so used by the previously mentioned major media outlets.

The study was conducted by a think tank called ”New America,” founded in 1999.  Googles parent company Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt serves as the chairman of the think tank’s board of directors. Jonathan Soros and CNN-WaPo Colummnist Fareed Zakaria are also among the names in the board of directors. The group also lists the Gates and Soros families among their top funding sources.

The New America study includes a section called ”Who are Terrorists.”  The report sub-heading reads “They are as American as apple pie.”  The data set of individuals for the study can be downloaded on the report page (alternate download here).

FL2PC7TLE notes that “you can see the list of individuals who committed terrorist crimes that they tabulated. There are 396.” He goes on to note that the category of “terror plot” is filled with titles (highlighted in yellow) like Portland Seven (radical Islamic cell attempting to support Al-Qaeda), Buffalo Six (provided materal support to Al-Qaeda), Virginia Jihad Network (planned several international attacks), Liberty City Seven (received money from Yemen for terrorism), and the list goes on: (Following images are from ”people protected” excel table)

FL2PC7TLE explains further: ”And this is what is interesting. While the VAST majority of the names so far are of the Abdul Mohammed Ahmed Rahim Khalil Hassan type [marked in orange] (…) most of them were either born here or are Naturalized Citizens.” [marked in blue]:


As for race… the FBI, for example, does not have a separate racial category for people from the Middle East.

Upon looking up the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program (In 1930, the FBI was tasked with collecting, publishing, and archiving those statistics.)

The racial designation is as follows:


Note that persons from the Middle East are grouped in with whites, while Hispanics have their own ‘specific ‘Ethnic” designation.


FL2PC7TLE: Nor, as far as I know, does our census paperwork. I mean, has anyone ever seen “ARAB” as a category you can check off on any form that asks you what race you are? There isn’t one. I just checked the US Census page on race and if you aren’t from the Far East (Pakistan and beyond), you’re not Asian. And there is no “Arab.” You’re white.


The data on race is derived from answers to questions asked by the Census Bureau. They state that people will report more than one to state a mixed race, such as ”American Indian” and ”White.” However there is a no option for ”Arab” and ”White” or ”Middle East” and ”White.”


”So if you combine all the Arabs who have American citizenship in with various neo Nazis (of which they mention at least 4) and count them as White Americans… then yes. White Americans killed more people than Refugees and Immigrants. But look at who these “white Americans” are. I don’t know how they are getting away with this.”


The list contains names mostly of those that will have a Middle Eastern immigration background, even though they may be naturalized or US born citizens. The oddballs that stick out are the actual demonized ”right wing extremists” and lone wolf attackers. I would encourage everyone to have a look at the data themselves.


While there are definitely some actual ”white” individuals planning violent acts or spreading pro Jihad propaganda, they are by far not the most frequent perpetrators when reviewing the data (see below image).

Actual designated ”right wing terror” plots (highlighted in yellow below) are also included (without any supporting research based on the persons migratory history) next to a large amount of ”Jihadist” terror plots (highlighted in green) in the ”terror_plots” table.

FL2PC7TLE concludes his review with the following: ”They conduct the study, tabulate the results, reveal that most of the terrorists are “American,” but they don’t make any damning interpretations… they just leave it there, to be linked by small press branches (also funded by Gates, and various philanthropic foundations linked to BBC, NYT, Times, all the usual suspects) that make a statement about the findings.

Those are then passed to a larger outlet, who remark upon it in even more simplified language, and then finally to the major CNN/NYT/WaPo network.

They make the statement “White Americans have killed more people than Muslim immigrants or refugees.” They link to the smaller source, the small source links to the outlet, the outlet links to the foundation, the foundation links to the think tank, the think tank has the data you can download…”

Indeed this ambiguity mirrors a piece I had written some time ago about the very same vagueness and use of ambiguous meaning by left leaning media outlets and pundits.

The entire thread really stuck with me. It made me think about the sad state of journalism today. The bias of major media outlet ”fact checks” needs to be called out. Otherwise, the hit pieces they write and studies they misinterpret and cite in error will only continue. They’ve become so complacent that they don’t bother to verify sources and data before writing articles based on them. Then if small news outlets like us step up and bring attention to such irresponsible journalistic practices, the major outlets dive right into their “fake news” rhetoric. They see us as drops in the bucket, simply to be labeled as ”fake news” to be discredited and buried. We get accused of promoting false narratives because we proved that they promoted a false narrative.  It’s hard to find the truth amidst what is becoming a war of rumors by these major outlets. I found that FL2PC7TLE summed up the situation quite aptly.

… this is information laundering. They know most people will take it at face value and it’ll be tweeted around the world faster than I can read that list of 396 mostly Arabic names.’

This reminds me of a quote by George Orwell ”In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” A narrative sates us and gives us a feeling of comfort and false trust. Don’t blindly trust the narrative. Stay vigilant in a time when it is more important than ever.



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