Russian Ambassador Shot Dead In Turkey


The Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov (shown above) was killed whilst visiting an art museum today in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

The gunman, shown in the image below was, according to Turkish officials, entering under the character of a police officer.

The assassin was said to have shot the ambassador in the back, and again whilst he lay on the ground. He then shouted at others to leave the room. Reports also claim that the gunman shouted about ‘Aleppo’ and ‘Syria’ where the Russians are siding with Bashar al-Assad.

The gunman was heard shouting Allah Akbar which suggests this may have been an Islamic inspired attack, adding to the growing list of attacks due to Islamic extremists.

The attacker was finally taken down when police shot him dead after he killed the ambassador and injured several others.

There is video of the incident, note it may cause some distress.


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