Stein’s Motivation Unclear in Recount Petition


A Green Party petition requesting election result verification in key battleground states has forced Wisconsin to formally begin recounting votes.  The petition intends to also target Pennsylvania and Michigan. Stein’s describes the movement as a symbolic gesture to demand a trustworthy election system. Fundraising activity, potential conflicts of interest, and perplexing statements from Stein have generated questions regarding the petition.

In a video posted to her Facebook page, Stein declared the petition as a vehicle to demand an “election system that can be trusted.” The former Green Party presidential candidate solicited her supporters for donations on November 22nd in order to pay the filing fees associated with election recounts. Donations now total $5 million as of Friday, November 25th. Stein’s recount fundraising efforts exceeded her own presidential fundraising efforts by $1.5 million in three days. Her unyielding performance in orchestrating recount efforts has left some of Stein’s supporters wondering why she did not act similarly when fundraising for her own campaign. Additional questions were raised when a review of the terms and conditions for recount donations revealed that surplus funds would go to nebulous efforts.

Supporters of Stein’s movement originated from a number of subject matter experts pointing out concerning issues with the election. In depth research reveals a number of integrity issues with supporters. An example of one issue can be seen when scrutinizing the group that urged a recount in the three states targeted by Stein’s effort. The group included an individual closely associated with George Soros, a close support of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It is interesting to note that Stein’s efforts begin in earnest shortly after Soros concluded meetings with key Democratic politicians in Washington, DC. Soros has also been suspected of involvement in enabling disruptive protests across the nations.

Stein’s motives behind pushing a recount in such specific states are questionable. She claims that these efforts are akin to a form of protest, stating that “we do not need to prove that there was fraud in order to justify a voting system that is secure and that we have confidence in.”

If this were the case, why did she not target other states for recounts to create a form of balance? The former presidential candidate has gone on record speaking favorably of President-elect Donald Trump, yet is only targeting Trump swing states for recount. Inquirio will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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