Cards Against Humanity Digs $100,000 Hole For No Reason

Cards Against Humanity Digging $100,000 hole.

On Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity started digging. As long as the money kept coming in, they would keep going. Their FAQ read that the money was not going to charity and that it was all for them. There was no rhyme or reason to dig the hole, other than to just ‘do it’. The area they are digging in is kept secret, for obvious reasons. At first, it instantly shot up to sixty thousand, then eighty. Just two days after starting, more than $100,000 has been raised for the cause.

It reminds me of the Oak Island Money Pit, where Presidents, rich men, and companies dug on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia to try and uncover treasure, only to find nothing.

Looking to the youtube comments and you will find things such as users rating each armful of dirt. Some users even made off-color jokes related to Donald Trump:

The user claims it is the foundation of Trumps Wall.
This user claims it is the foundation of Trumps Wall.


This user claims to "Bury Hillary in it"
This user claims to “Bury Hillary in it”

Another user claimed how therapeutic the live stream is:

This user claims how therapeutic the stream is.
This user claims how therapeutic the stream is.

It is really impressive the amount of donations that came in, and add to a long line of gags that Cards Against Humanity has done. Here is the information graphic:

Cards Against Humanity Infographic.
Cards Against Humanity Infographic.


As of this moment, they are still digging, with the caption: “The hole got dug” and “Okay, there’s a hole now. Updates soon.” It remains to be seen how long this will keep going on, but for now, you can enjoy the roar of the machines as they keep it on.

  • ca2t2ch

    Perfect !!! Democrats dig their own hole. How prophetic. Democrats, this is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

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