Questionable Wall Street Journal Piece Sparks Secretary of State Rumor Frenzy


Assertions that President Elect Donald Trump is leaning toward Mitt Romney for Secretary of State are unsubstantiated. The original article by the Wall Street Journal cited “two people familiar with the matter” as their source for this claim. Minor media outlets were quick to assist in disseminating the stories with their own spin. These rumors come at a time when numerous Secretary of State Candidates are still under consideration.

Media outlets called attention to Trump’s praise for Romney as a key indicator that he may indeed favor the former Massachusetts Governor for the job. Trump stated that Romney was the “prototypical choice” for the nation’s top diplomat. An objective comparison of Romney’s resume and career history against other candidates lends some credence to this statement. Additionally, Vice President-elect Mike Pence stated that Governor Romney is under “active and serious consideration.” However, these statements alone are not enough to predict whether or not Romney has a future in a Trump administration. This will be determined through review of meaningful and measurable factors instead of hearsay.

Identifying a favored Secretary of State candidate with any credible certainty is difficult while so many individuals remain under consideration. A number of names for SOS have been thrown around. However, there are three front runners in addition to Romney for the position. Trump loyalist Rudy Giuliani, former CIA Director David Petraeus, and Senator Bob Corker all remain under consideration along with Governor Romney. Each has a unique background in foreign relations as well as potential barriers and conflicts of interest. These must be heavily weighted over what may be a considerable amount of time despite Republicans pushing one of the four candidates to the fore front.

Media outlets have chosen to label Republican Secretary of State deliberation as a sign of a party divided. These claims come in spite of statements by Republican Speaker Paul Ryan painting a portrait of a unified party ready to work hard for America. Some citizens find this maneuvering by media outlets reminiscent of their exaggerated claims that then Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence was at constant odds with then Presidential Candidate Trump. Both headlines were based on interpretation of cherry-picked statements and events without consideration of potentially opposing facts. This continued irresponsible misrepresentation of events by media outlets persists at a time where American trust in news media is at its lowest in history.

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