Leaked Communications Show Reddit Admin Bias


Recent admin action and abuse has made redditors, especially those in /r/the_donald (a pro Donald Trump subreddit) very angry. This includes shutting down /r/pizzagate and editing user comments. The community of /r/the_donald has always had suspicions about the political agenda of the administrative team and top subreddits, however recent leaks from their slack server have confirmed this.


This exchange shows a clear grudge towards the community of /r/the_donald which has been highly critical of the moderation team, specifically /u/spez who is the CEO of Reddit. They seem to justify the actions of Spez which involved editing user posts by highlighting the ‘trouble’ the subreddit caused them.

The most worrying of these messages, however, is that from mattythedog saying ‘next time he snaps can he accidentally ban them’. What this implies is that the actions taken would not be due to the breaking of site-wide rules, instead, it would prove the notion Reddit has a malicious bias against /r/the_donald. This bias is the fact that they don’t like the community of /r/the_donald as well possibly being politically against them.


Further along, there is a discussion relating to the banning of the /r/pizzagate subreddit which investigated a possible paedophilia ring that involved John Podesta. The moderators seem to find quite a lot of humour in the theory labelling it ‘pizzahoax’. Spez then comes in with the words ‘bring back pao’ (a previous CEO of Reddit). Upon Spez joining the conversation we have several people making light of the situation and finding humour in the act of editing other’s comments and abusing permissions.

What’s most insidious is the recurring theme of calling for action to be taken against /r/the_donald.


What is most surprising about this is just how flippantly they discuss censoring a community of 300k+ users, as well as this they don’t seem to quote any subreddit rules that have been broken or any precedent apart from the fact that they annoy the administrative team. The admin team has already changed the Reddit algorithm to reduce the amount of exposure this community has on the front page and it is not too far fetched to think they will do something like that again. Especially with discussion about changing the vote weights.

Even after the clear abuse by Spez they still seem to treat /r/the_donald as the problem as opposed to the inappropriate us of administrator power. This private opinion doesn’t seem to match up with Spez’s public statements such as stating that he was politically ‘neutral’. The Reddit team seems to have a vexation of this large community and seems to be incapable of impartiality.

If Reddit is to remain a place of open discourse it has to stop acting upon its bias. Statements from /r/the_donald can be found on their subreddit.

Disclosure: I regularly frequent /r/the_donald and am an active member of the community. I also moderate on their discord server.

Correction – I incorrectly described the conversation as being between admins, what I meant to say was it was a discussion between Reddit Admins and Top Mods, edits have been made to reflect this.

  • Branchie✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ
    • phrenic

      Soros funds change.org. Don’t use it. They get your info, they get more funding, they get to spam you and sell your information.

      • Josh p

        goddamnit really? that accursed rat soros has his damn finger in all the pies -_-

  • Cletus Van Damme

    Mods. Mods never change. Get rid of them all.

  • Rue Di

    Power tripping biased dickheads

    • Tom Hanks

      Yup. The best part is that reddit mods are pretty much volunteer online janitors. I don’t understand how they let that get to their heads.

      Abuse and bias, reddit is not a place for free speech anymore.

      • BlessedDepravity

        Abuse and bias? /r/The_Donald is lucky they weren’t shut down during the election. They’ve broken multiple site rules and haven’t received any sort of punishment. They need to be dealt with, not played with. They ought not get special treatment just because of the number of users they have. The mods in the chat logs are right. It’s nothing but a nuisance subreddit.

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    Make Reddit Great Again!

    The cuck spez needs to go!

  • Nate Wooding

    [citation needed]

    • Benjamin Thomas Boerner


      There you go. It’s a lengthy and often incoherrent read. To clarify, it’s the MOD team. The only actual Admin in there, I believe, is Spez himself.

  • fuck these criminal censoring losers. oligarchy of corporatism. liberal or republican this is corrupt and not fitting for leadership of a news company

  • Fleet Fleeterson

    Extraordinarily dishonest article, that’s not the admin team, that’s the slack server for default subreddit moderators which was set up after the last reddit revolt so that moderators have a line of communcation to the admins. Spez is NOT a moderator as stated in the article, he works for reddit (an admin). And no shit they are biased, it includes r/politics mods which discuss death threats and vandalism in the same leaks.

    • Benjamin Thomas Boerner

      Yes the article is worded incorrectly and sort of shows a lot of frustration going both ways. There are claims of threats but when another mod asks for proof the person claiming the threats IMMEDIATELY BACKPEDDLES saying they were “just deleted to protect me.” No one reported these threats to the police, no one has proof they happened… and now we have no proof the original user even posted them since things can be edited on a whim. Also “The_Donald” by and large is making no threats and threats posted on the sub are removed and the perps banned pretty quick. Lone individuals may very well be doing it but no one can control people. That’s on them alone. If a frequent member of r/pol threated to kill me, I wouldn’t demand all of pol be deleted or censored.

      I agree the spin on the article is a bit dodgy, but after reading the (rather lengthy) leaked chat the entire attitude is extremely disturbing and how flippant they are about the horrible breach of trust and transparency.

    • Hey manno you cucklord.

  • Benjamin Thomas Boerner

    For anyone interested to read the leaks in their entirety, here they are.


    It’s kinda rambly and incoherent but there you go. To clarify – It is the mod/default mod team and not all admins. Spez is the only admin in there. It doesn’t make it any less disturbing though.

  • Hank Hill

    Spez is a cuck

  • CynicalPilot

    While his actions are not defendable, neither are those of the Trump subreddit.

  • Bondik

    This article is clearly biased towards t_D.
    >”implies is that the actions taken would not be due to the breaking of site wide rules”
    t_D have already broken multiple rules (brigading, vote manipulation with the use of bots) spez is just too much of a pussy to Ban them because of the revenue they generate.
    >”moderators seem to find quite a lot of humour in the theory labelling it ‘pizzahoax”
    maybe because even most conspiracy theorists find this ludicrous, but the T_D is gullible enough to believe Hillary is a Necromancer.
    >”The admin team has already changed the Reddit algorithm to reduce the amount of exposure this community has on the front page”
    Maybe because t_D wouldn’t stop spamming the front page? admins didn’t bother fixing all/rising, so as it stands the whole page is filled with trump spam.
    >”If Reddit is to remain a place of open discourse it has to stop acting upon its bias”
    if reddit truly is to remain a open discourse then t_D should be banned, reddit was much nicer before donald fucks started spamming multiple subreddits. The rest of reddit would gladly have you guys go to voat along with the members of fatpeoplehate and jailbait.

  • Mr. Meek
  • deridealldems

    spez is fucking sleazeball. Libtards can only win if they cheat.

  • Soren

    I probably would’ve done worse in his place. r/The_Donald is a bigger circlejerk than r/circlejerk and r/HillaryClinton combined, and it leaks onto other places. Instead of doing childish pranks with admin power though just remove it from r/all so Trump supporters can keep circlejerking without polluting r/all.

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