Liberty University Student Penalized Despite Support For Chancellor’s Stance


[October 21, 2016] Colleges in the country have arguably become echo chambers of PC behavior, with anything from 37 gender identities recognized to bathrooms being open to anyone based on how they see themselves as a gender. Traditional ideology has been shamed as immoral.

A striking thing that defies definition, because the left ideology professes to be inclusive, is the manner that the left spews the most hateful speech to anyone not accepting matters that are traditionally considered immoral.  One prominent private college I wish to discuss has an excellent record in education and a more traditional code of conduct.

Liberty University, a non-profit Christian school, is headed by Jerry Falwell Jr.  He took the position in 2007 when his father passed away.  He is an accomplished man and has been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump for President.  Left leaning news sites decry him in negative ways. To my view, that means he is doing it right.

This all leads me to consider what happened recently with Josh Rosene, a student at Liberty University.   On his personal Facebook, he took a blunt action to express his discontent by posting a less than flattering meme image that included a vocal fellow student in the image.

In his case it was about Dustin Wahl, a vocal student activist who recently circulated a scathing indictment of Jerry Falwell Jr. for his support for Donald Trump that went to national news because of the unusual protest.  Jerry Falwell Jr. is the President of the university and being vocal for Trump as President, Josh was oddly sanctioned and issued demerit points and called to answer for the post on his Facebook.  Now, the case is closed and Josh is cleared, but his demerit points remain.

The objection was over the combined use of toilet paper and ass. The university is decidedly founded upon Southern Baptist principal and has moved to a more modern acceptance of concerns, but remains a more traditional campus.

Jerry Falwell Jr. spoke recently about forgiveness for Mr. Trump over what has been dubbed the P*ssy Grab incident citing we are all sinners.  With the university being largely associated with the Trump campaign it brings some notice to the college and what I hope Mr. Falwell can see is, Josh is an ally.  Certainly pairing two not particularly vulgar words together would lend to understanding and forgiveness and allow Mr. Falwell to see the demerit points should be returned.

Speaking as a member of the Baptist faith for a moment, some matters are for us each to sort with God Himself.

The meme deemed inappropriate is below.

Facebook post deemed unfit

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