Liberty University Third Debate Watch Party: We Report


As a representative of, I have been invited to attend the third debate watch party at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA this coming Wednesday evening.  Former Trump campaign Virginia co-chairman and favored contender for Virginia Governor, Corey Stewart is headlining the event with several other speakers.

I have graciously been offered time to speak with the various speakers and report that to our readers.

As many may be aware, Terry McAuliffe is the current governor of Virginia and his policies in the current general election cycle are in question.  Specifically, as I recently reported, the state has been found to have around 1000 illegal immigrants on voter roles in just 8 of the states counties.  It is reported the governor blocked the organization doing this audit from being able to freely do the investigation they are doing.

The dead and the illegal immigrants cannot legally vote in any state, and Virginia needs leadership that will reflect the vision of Donald J Trump, after he is voted President.

As I previously reported, please check your loved ones that have passed and that they are not registered to vote.

Keep checking back!  We will have several stories later this week.


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