The Dead As Voters? What To Do?


(October 3, 2016) Much has been coming to light recently about the dead as voters.  It is not the only news of intent to commit fraud in the upcoming general election, but it is one that every citizen can effectively help minimize.  Everyone has relatives, and maybe even friends, who have passed away.  One can go to their county voter registrars office and see if these people have been enrolled to vote and challenge them being on the roster if they have been.  It is that simple.

Unfortunately, with the loss of a loved one that process is supposed to be automatically handled, but may not be, so it is important to check and have the deceased removed from voter roles.  I did it for my mother when she passed and will be double checking that status.

There was a recent shock to a family in northern Virginia when they discovered a relative who had passed years ago had voted for Obama twice, and in that persons life, they never would have voted for Mr. Obama, the party platform or policy. There are groups doing these checks, but they cannot possibly verify every precinct.  Take a few minutes and make sure your deceased can stay at rest.

Past elections have proven there have been groups active to defraud the vote. Experts claim it is extremely rare, but lets examine that.  If just one group exists to defraud an election, that group can do variable tasks, such as register people to vote with the added endorsement to vote a decided way.  1. Then there is ballot box stuffing. 2.

In recent history, Acorn is a name some may recall from 2008 and 2012 in that they were shown to have been committing fraud with the election process. 1.  A recently known happening is the JMU student in Virginia being investigated by the FBI for registering 19 dead for the coming general election. 1. 2.  Among the activities is the registering of, and voting by, the dead. That is not new and for years claims have been made and found that the dead have voted.  It is a sad state of affairs when anyone has to cheat in an attempt to win anything, but something that affects hundreds of millions and more, ought not be violated.

It is not just the dead who manage to vote, but non citizens here in the US illegally. Unfortunately, that has been made easy to do by pushing weak policies and pushing back against strong policy.  For example, years ago California created a means for illegal residents to get an ID card.  Using that ID card, the person can get a drivers license and at the DMV, they can register to vote. It is effectively hidden. The Democrat Party is who benefits from this, as this block is seen as voting Democrat because that party demonizes Republicans as xenophobes or racists, when the truth is the Republican Party has historically been anything but that. 1.

Recently, it was reported but not promoted widely, that 1000+ illegal residents are registered to vote in Virginia. 1.  As a state that can be a deciding factor in the general election this is worrisome, especially when the group searching this fraud has been thwarted by the governor telling county registrar offices to not cooperate.  So much corruption.

So, do what you can do to make this election have as much integrity as possible.  Vote and get other live people to vote.  Verify your relatives who have passed are not registered to vote, so no one can cast a vote in their favor.  If you see fraud, report it to local, state and federal authorities.  Push for voter ID in your state. The argument against that has simply been a narrative that such ID disenfranchises legitimate voters due to the cost of a state ID or drivers license.  That is ridiculous as one legally has to have an ID and the cost is minimal to obtain one.

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