Milo Yiannopoulos Triggers University of Houston Student With “What He Finds Funny” [VIDEO]


At an event hosted by the University of Houston late Monday night Milo Yiannopoulos was giving his usual segments on the current state of affairs, social justice warriors, and his views on many of the controversial subjects that makes him relevant in today’s—spotlight when it appears that one of the students attending the speech got offended at one of the statements he made regarding people who are transgender.

Milo stated:

I find trannies quite funny

This was met with a blaring uproar from one of the attendees, who shouted something inaudible from the video footage. Milo quickly snapped back with what he does best, continuing to offend:

To be to be honest with you, fuck your feelings

The crowd lashed back with intense cheering for this outburst and continued on to attempt to drown out the offended student with chants of “USA!” and “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!”

The person who was offended was also being told many times to either sit down or leave by the campus police which were attending the event because of the backlash Milo has received at previous events.

Milo is currently in the limelight for being banned from Twitter for alleged harassment of Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones. In many interviews Milo has stated how he believes this ban was unjust—and calls the censorship a main attributing factor to the downfall of Twitter and the Twitter stock.


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