Ahmad Rahami Arrested Over NYC Bombings


28-year-old Afghan-born Ahmad Khan Rahami has been arrested in connection with the NY bombings which injured 29 people. The devices used included a pressure cooker attached to a cellphone.


One bomb had detonated as the bomb squad attempted to defuse it and five other devices were uncovered in a backpack by two homeless which were then reported to the police.

Ahmad Khan was discovered as a result of fingerprints left on an undetonated bomb as well as information on cell phones that were connected to these devices. A resident had spotted Ahmad in a bar according to officials and went on to call the authorities.


When an officer approached the man he recognised his face to that on a wanted poster (shown above). When he asked the suspect to show his hands the man instead pulled out a handgun and opened fire on police officers, injuring 3 who had to be taken to a hospital. Fortunately, none of them was killed. The suspect was then shot in the leg as he attempted to flee and was taken away in an ambulance.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has not ruled out the possibility of this being an attack from the Islamic State saying that “Today’s information suggests it may be foreign-related” on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. This comes at a time where national security is a key factor in the presidential race and may hurt Hillary Clinton in the polls.



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