The NYC Bombings Prove Trump is Right — Regardless of Circumstances


Many major news outlets are extremely quick to jump on GOP Nominee Donald Trump for his comments about America being less safe than previous generations. He is frequently referred to in the media as fear mongering, hateful, despicable, and racist for his policies and views.

However, the recent NYC “intentional” bombings which left over 29 injured on Saturday evening seem to prove one of Trumps main points verbatim.

Americans no longer feel safe

Full details of these bombings have yet to come out, so I will not jump to conclusions on the who, what, where, and why; however, regardless of if these attacks were perpetrated by a white nationalist, radical Islamic terrorists, or any other group capable of a narrative—they seem to always do one thing: lower peoples feelings of safety in the United States.

The most recent Gallup Poll from November 2014 shows that 37% of adults in the United States fear for their safety when walking home at night—and I would put good money down that this number has increased significantly in recent years. So mainstream media… No, Donald Trump is not fear mongering when he brings up issues of public safety; no matter how hard you want it to fit your narrative.

Americans want to feel safe when walking home from work, school, or a friends house. American parents want their children to be safe when attending school, taking a bus, or seeing their favorite movie.

Americans want to live out the long sought after American dream without being subjected to violence, terrorism, or crime; and it seems that only one Presidential candidate is bringing these major issues of public concern to light: Donald Trump.



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