MSNBC Loses It Over A Cartoon Frog


In a rather bizarre 10 minutes of television, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC did an analysis of the popular internet meme – Pepe the frog (shown below).


She went on to show a range of cherry picked Nazi Pepes to attack the alt right.


Maddow attempted to portray the use of this meme (which is commonly used by Trump supporters) as a symbol of white supremacy, due to the fact that a small group of people posts racist Pepes like those shown above. This theory, however, breaks down upon a simple google search of “pepe the frog” which returns the following.


Despite the quantity of images that can be seen, I had only found one which may be linked to white supremacy, with that being the pepe wearing a swastika. If this meme was a symbol of white supremacy would you not think that a much larger quantity of images would be racist instead of the needle in a haystack that was found?

This meme has even been used by many big name celebrities such as Katy Perry (a Hillary supporter) and Nicki Minaj.

pepenick kp

Surely they must be held to account by the media for posting these white supremacist images, but of course they weren’t. So you’d think that when Donald Trump Jr posted his own Pepe (shown below) he would be treated the same right? … Wrong. Rachel Maddow wasted no time in criticizing Don Jr and attacking the character of those in the image such as Milo Yiannopolus (shown at the right) who she said was banned from Twitter for “racist abuse”. She also claimed that Alex Jones (second from right) didn’t believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was real.


The dishonest media knows Pepe is a harmless meme used by only a small minority of white supremacists, but making the link between Trump and racism helps feed into the media narrative of trump being a bigot. The fact that the mainstream media is having to cover a cartoon frog shows how much of a joke they have become and is only one of many reasons why they are becoming obsolete.



  • Matson, Gregory P.

    GOOD artical.

  • Trump will win in a landslide!

    • trentthecaptain


  • ryry117

    I’d argue the media DOESN’T know what Pepe really is, or at least this reporter doesn’t. In the segment where she talks about it, at the end she gets visibly and audibly frustrated to the point of holding back tears. She ACTUALLY thinks Pepe is a white nationalist symbol, most likely she’s only just been informed it even existed, and somehow only found instances(probably other articles talking about it after ‘The Deplorables’ picture) where Pepe is portrayed in a racist light. Still, hilarious to watch as the media only hurts itself and Hillary by talking about a MEME this way.

  • Get Up Early ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Pepe never hurt anybody.

  • Rinrar

    Which Think Tank came up with the dumb idea to focus so much attention on Pepe?

    Most Millennials are savvy enough to know Pepe is just a humorous meme and older people will just see this as something silly because it’s a cartoon frog. Seriously, who are they trying to convince with this?

  • Dan Green



  • Lynette Johnson

    silly people Main Stream Media is just trying to cash in at the expense of real AMERICAN LIVES they sensationalize and create false stories in obedience to their masters. there is no such thing as TRUTH IN REPORTING when Obama/Hillary/Soro’s give them ” prepackaged stories and instructions to boost this narrative or that. They put “a spin” on EVERYTHING!

    This is EXACTLY why Trump has been “playin’ them” because he KNOWS what they are up to and is trying to force some honest in reporting. The Man is Brilliant.

    They have created stories again and again and again editing out portions here and there, cherry picking out of context speech and mannerisms to create “THE ILLUSION” that he is racist, bullying, etc. when in fact he is QUITE THE OPPOSITE!

    As a few examples:

    Donald Trump worked with the Rainbow-PUSH coalition (founder Jesse Jackson) to bring blacks and minorities into corporate America. ->

    Trump Family That I Know -> NOT RACIST

    No, Trump is Not a Racist or a Bigot!

    Black cop tells the TRUTH about Trump rallies -> Hillary’s PAID Protesters are the ONLY ones acting racist and violent

    Donald Trump was in The Public’s Eye (businessman/celebrity status) for OVER 30 years prior to his Presidential run and was never, ever labeled or insinuated as being racist, etc. until this “MEDIA SPIN” happened to help Hillary’s Candidacy. <- Think about that!

    Example of a common spin: Donald Trump said our countries laws are not being followed, there are many good immigrants. When ILLEGAL immigrants such as what we are seeing recently coming from Mexico are sneaking in with drugs, weapons, etc. Well I guess some are good decent people but usually they are not sending their best. They are getting arrested for crimes such as rape, yeah rapists, drug trafficking, and violence and we let em' go. We need to charge and deport them! They are lawbreakers.

    media edits clip to say: Donald Trump said immigrants coming from Mexico are sneaking in with drugs, weapons, etc.
    Well they are not
    sending their best. They are RAPISTS,
    drug trafficking, and violence We need to
    deport them!

    You see how "SIMPLY REMOVING SOME WORDS" changes that?

    Then setup next story where he actually suggests actually building The WALL that was supposedly paid for and approved back in the 80's to fix our ILLEGAL migrant problem, etc. Like he's some crazed tyrant, lol

    BUILD A WALL! – Deport Them ALL!

    This obviously IS NOT what he said or even implied but eh, "what difference at this point does it make?"

    Americans deserve to have what we need to provide for our safety and well being (THIS IS NOT RACIST) Guns, walls, laws actually ENFORCED, jobs, prosperity, etc.
    and "ILLEGAL alien" is NOT A "RACE", lol

  • SoloDolo


  • Harambe

    Shows how stuck in the past the MSM is.

    Today’s humor goes right over their heads, making them sound even more incompetent than before.

  • Indian Tech Support

    They are losing the minority vote, so they will latch on to anything that could possibly make Trump look racist, it is much better to slander Trump and his supporters than appeal to minorities with incentives, potentially alienating the people who will not receive the special minority privileges. One examples is when they offer welfare, free college and mucho bueno benefits to illegal immigrants in effort to win the Hispanic vote, that alienates all poor Americans who do not receive such benefits.

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