Hillary Using Green Screen for Rallies?


9-17-16  With the last few weeks being much about the health of Hillary Clinton, she finally took to the stage on the 15th of September, or so it seems.  It has surfaced from some careful observations that while she may have been on a stage, it may have actually been staged.

In our top image, note the phones show different venue backgrounds than the one they are in. In fact, much of the obvious issues are apparent due to the cell phone images.   To the right is the most obvious one as it shows a stage in the distance.  To the left and upper is a sideways held phone and it seems to have been poorly cropped out.  This is a screencap, so the cropped image can have an artifact, but it’s there in multiple frames lending to it just being a poorly cropped foreground image.

What it seems to be is the foreground crowd is video of a crowd from a prior event.  The background is live people, placing Mrs. Clinton as the barrier between the real and created content.

It is not beyond the means of current technology to create an event this way, but it begs the question of why?  What is the gain?  Some would suggest that her rallies are so low in attendance that she needs to make it look bulked up. I would agree, but it is more than that.  It offers a controlled environment for her to do a rally with some real people and limit exposure for her to be triggered to react due to too much sensory input.  It is apparent that in situations with more randomness, she gets easily surprised and in one such case it was seen as a seizure, though that is in dispute as to what it was.

Obvious issues are at various timestamps. The video is here.  Try an exercise and look at the following timestamps.  Just pause the video and look carefully.

15-45 seconds.  Hillary is introduced and enters the room.  I cannot find a single cell phone showing Hillary or even the actual background. Foreground images exist however.

23:57 for a few seconds.  The man to the left has a cell phone.  It has a distant scene on it and not Hillary who is seen as not four feet from him.

24:01 a frame is placed over the cell phone screen.

24:02 the frame goes to the whole screen and shows again after being dropped. It is as if it was done to mask too many errors in the collective creation.

24:14 the cell phone is pointed at Hillary but she is not in the frame, but the man in a suit to the right is in the phone frame at the same angle we see him.  Odd.

24:49 has a cell directly in front of Hillary’s face, but she is not in frame.

So, how can all these people be pointing cell phones at Hillary and none show her?  That is the big question.

Where's Hillary?
Where’s Hillary?

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