Mainstream Media Forced to Acknowledge Hillary’s Health Problems


For a few months already, rumors have been circulating about the health of the Democratic nominee for president, however, until now such statements were considered to only be held by conspiracy theorists and those who wish to smear Hillary Clinton. Recent events have caused a stark shift in coverage.

During a 9/11 remembrance ceremony, Hillary Clinton was forced to leave early as she was feeling unwell. Media were forced to stay back as she waited for her vehicle, fortunately, there were bystanders with cameras to capture the whole incident.

The video clearly shows Hillary struggling to stay upright with a staffer having to keep her held up next to a bollard. She was then helped into the vehicle with her collapsing as she was forced into the vehicle. A source claimed that she lost one of her shoes in the incident which a secret service agent picked up afterwards.

This was clearly undeniable evidence of a problem existing and required the acknowledgment that those questioning her health were not as crazy as previously thought. One writer for the Washington post who previously wrote an article titled ‘Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?’ recently added a new column titled ‘Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign’. Even CNN was forced to show the footage of Hillary Clinton stumbling into her car and consider the effect this would have on her with titles such as ‘Hillary Clinton stumbles — will her campaign follow?’ .

The Clinton campaign has now claimed that Hillary was suffering from pneumonia, which makes one wonder why she claimed an allergy was responsible for her repeated coughing in earlier events. This also forces one question why she even decided to attend a campaign event seeing as most of the time pneumonia is contagious. What we can say for sure is that the voters don’t seem to believe this story with a YouGov poll showing only 45% of voters believe her campaign’s version of events following the incident.

Regardless of what the truth is, it is undeniable that this could be a serious problem for Clinton and might lead to the end of her campaign especially with the opaqueness of her campaign.


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