Gary Johnson Is a Joke…and So Is Jill Stein For That Matter


If Gary Johnson had any chance to be president, it has vanished into thin air.  The Libertarian party candidate Thursday expressed a momentary lapse of intelligence when he was asked on CNN about his plan to handle the Syrian civil war crisis.  He had been asked about his plan for the Syrian city of Aleppo, which is at the center of the civil war.

The city has been ravaged by the war from both the rebels and Al-Assad’s regime since the beginning of the war, and where many of the refugees have been leaving for years.

When asked, Gary Johnson asked, “…what is Aleppo?”

The interviewer responded believing the ex-governor was joking with his response.  However, he was not, for he really was clueless on the issue.  The interviewer then explained to the presidential candidate what exactly the issue was, to which Johnson replied, “OK, got it. Got it.”

This “mishap” shows how any chance of Gary Johnson becoming the 45th president (which was already theoretically impossible) has disappeared.

The only possibility of him becoming president is if he wins enough states in the general election to prevent either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to reach the 270 votes necessary for a victory.  In this scenario, the vote for the next president goes to the House of Representatives, where it is really anyone’s election.  The obvious choice for the establishment would be Hillary Clinton, however Donald Trump is rapidly gaining popularity.

This means that theoretically the House could compromise and vote for Gary Johnson, which would make him the first president to be voted in who was not in one of the two major parties in the election.

Johnson becoming the 45th president would be a historical event, however after his folly, it does not seem to be in the cards.



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