Hillary’s Identity Crisis


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Over the decades of Hillary’s adult life she has changed the name she goes by multiple times – this is typically expected of a woman that gets married in America, but that isn’t the reason she’s changed her name. In fact, it wasn’t until well into her marriage that she changed her name to Clinton. Hillary’s reasons for her identity changes are directly related to her political aspirations and branding.

She learned the lesson of branding when Bill lost his gubernatorial re-election in 1980 – some of Bill’s advisors blamed Hillary’s use of her maiden name for the loss. For most of the 70s and 80s Hillary was known as Hillary Rodham, keeping her maiden name into the 90s.

But, for the sake of her husband’s political career she went by “Hillary Clinton” in public during Bill’s 1982 gubernatorial election. After Bill won again, she began going as “Hillary Rodham Clinton”.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton” is the name most people recognize as hers, being the name she’s written all her books under, the name she said she wanted to be known as in the 90s, and the name she used on all official documents as First Lady.

But for her Presidential bid in 2008 Hillary dropped “Clinton” from her identity repeating the same mistake she made in 1980; but with heavier impact. In 2008 everyone was well aware of Bill’s many extramarital affairs and Hillary’s dropping of “Clinton” from her branding image resonated poorly.

Hillary branded herself now as just “Hillary” for her campaign and she lost to Barack Obama in 2008. It appears that Hillary may have blamed her branding, because as Secretary of State Hillary changed her image back to “Hillary Rodham Clinton”.


That branding changed again when Hillary launched her campaign in 2015. Hillary dropped “Rodham” from her image and has since been referred to by her campaign, the New York Times and the Associated Press as only “Hillary Clinton”.

These changes haven’t been about her marriage, her independence, her ties to Bill, or anything other than political branding to help her win elections.

Her name isn’t the only branding image she’s changed over the years. Besides her constant flip-flopping positions, Hillary also appears to fake accents on a regular cycle depending on who she’s talking to. Her hot-sauce comments, “just chillin’ in Cedar Rapids” remarks, and similar gaffes have made it clear that Hillary fakes many traits of her person to get votes.

As Barack Obama said in 2008, “She will say anything and change nothing.”

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