#AltRight Day: Hillary Lies Again


(August 25, 2016) #AltRight was trending online last night as a leak came out about the content of today’s speech by Hillary Clinton.  It was coupled with a warning that the (paid) online workforce employed by Clinton SuperPac funds would be barraging social media and support forums of her opponent Donald Trump.  From before she started until she ended, it was a cringe worthy event.  The theme music for her rally was a variation on the theme for the Nightly News with Dan Rather. It was telling that it was used, as valid charges have been made that the bulk of media is dedicated to her winning the office of President whether she is fit for the job or not.

Predictably, Clinton started her long delayed speech a few minutes after Donald Trump had concluded his rally in New Hampshire.  She always seems to make her case after Mr. Trump makes his.  An act that defines how one is always coming from behind.

It was expected that Clinton would discuss race and no one was disappointed.  She chose not to address her policies and stances, but simply go on an attack toward Mr. Trump that was baseless and false.  The matters she spoke of have been proven false and it is just a means to try and change the history, thus the view and consciousness of the voter.

She attempted to tie Mr. Trump and his supporters to racist groups and statements painting an overall picture of it being a whites only type of movement.  The facts are simple.  Trump is supported by Americans who want positive change and that support is from every corner of the country.  In her speech she claimed the supporters at Trump rallies are mostly white.  As one who has monitored all of his rallies and been to a few in person, I can attest that this is not the case.  The population of the country is a majority of White or White Hispanic.  That means an average gathering may indeed be a majority white, but it is misleading.  Trump has passionately reached out to all Americans calling out inequities and needs to be addressed in cities throughout the country.

The tactic she employed does not work anymore.  Those who support Mr. Trump do so for many reasons, not the least of which is Trump supporters know she does nothing but represent the continuation of racially divided and failed economic policies.

The Clinton SuperPac, Correct The Record, self describes as,”a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks.”  It is funded by Clinton and others who benefit if she were to win.  The effect of their presence is to try and influence revisions to the truth and obscure facts on matters that detract from the desirability of Clinton as a candidate.

Trump renounced Ku Klux Klan member David Duke as soon as he heard that he had received an endorsement from him, while Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Will Quigg Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Hillary Clinton openly declared Senator Robert C. Byrd, a now deceased former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon, that he was her mentor . She has Huma Abadeen, a now known ten year member of an anti American group that was employed by Clinton just after she left that organization.  It is now suspect that Huma is a Muslim spy working for her currently and while in the State Dept.

Hillary has no room to talk about race and integrity and today’s attack is easily seen as a tactic of claim your own sins as your opponents. Her statements today have been her most irresponsible to date in the contest to become President. It is nearly unbelievable, the sheer volume of non indicted crimes Clinton has surrounding her. She has a severe mental problem with being a habitual liar and her overall health may not be suited to the stresses associated with being President.


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