DC Elites Favor Hillary


August 16, 2016

Some news outlets are reporting that a poll of 400 DC Elites has meaning.  Maybe for the beltway this is true, but as a country, such a survey means nothing.  What this indicates is some of the people who work directly in the Federal Government seek more of the same failed policies.  One cannot blame them really.  It is self preservation.  The poll means nothing to the national stage, as the establishment opposition is a larger group than those who favor more of the same.

Trump is the favored candidate, as a non career politician, who is not beholden to any policy maker or country.  Not so with Clinton.  Her funding has come from politically active companies countries and bundlers of cash from people.  Clinton will have to pay back these donors and will in deeds, if she were President.  That can shape policies for these donors and harm the regular citizen. It is the same old story.

The thing that is not seen is bought media giant CNN and other main media sources have been trying to create illusions about the popularity of Trump.  For weeks reports have been coming out in various ways, including lies about Trump dropping out of the race. CNN has become a joke of a medium and the larger majority of the US people see it.

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