Dishonest Media Spins Trump Statement on 2nd Amendment


It seems once again that the dishonest liberal mainstream media is blowing a statement made by Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump out of proportion. At a rally in Wilmington, N.C. on Tuesday Trump stated that the 2nd Amendment voters have a clear cut choice in this election between himself and Hillary Clinton (who has widely been regarded as the most Anti-2nd Amendment nominee in the history of the United States).

Trump stated verbatim:

Hillary wants to abolish–essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment, by the way and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although the 2nd Amendment people maybe there is, I don’t know…

This statement has been completely blown out of proportion by the liberal mainstream media, some going as far to say that he meant for supporters of the 2nd Amendment to take up arms against Clinton, which is extremely false regarding what he said.

Trump was referring to people who cherish the 2nd Amendment being able to have a clear cut choice between himself and Hillary Clinton in November, where they could easily strike down Clinton’s anti-gun rhetoric by voting for Trump in the General Election—and the biased mainstream media decided that Trump meant for these people to take up arms against Clinton.

It is no surprise that most of the mainstream media outlets are against Trump and have been pushing extremely hard against him in recent weeks; however, this goes to show that they cherry pick things that he says and does and blow them completely out of proportion by giving them an entirely different meaning.

Some classic biased headlines are listed below:

  • Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton — New York Times
  • Trump: ‘Second Amendment people’ could deal with Clinton — CNN
  • Trump: Maybe ‘2nd Amendment People’ Can Stop Clinton’s Supreme Court Picks — ABCNews
  • Donald Trump Suggests Shooting Hillary Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both — The Huffington Post

These headlines may seem to have a massive impact on Trump’s campaign but I personally believe that the residents of the United States are smarter than this and will not let these extremely biased articles affect their political choices. After spending a few hours on many of these mainstream media sources it should be easily concluded by anyone that these writers–and companies have it out for Trump in ways never before seen.

Sean Hannity stated on his program Hannity on Monday that he referred to journalism being ‘dead’ in 2007—in regards to recent mass bias in mainstream media against Donald Trump, to which one of his panel members Kellyanne Conway replied ‘it is much more than dead’.

I believe this to be mainly true but only for the mainstream sources of journalism. There are plenty of good up-and-coming journalists that can weed out the bullshit in media bias, but they aren’t working for any major media outlets—and for good reason.

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