Who is Astrid Silva? — A Relatively Unknown Speaker at the DNC


Astrid Silva

A keynote speaker on immigration at the DNC. Literally who, am I right? Well, here’s who.

Astrid Silva is an illegal alien from Mexico. She is 28 years old. That’s right, the DNC has invited a known illegal alien to come meet their candidate for President. Why? Because she’s a DREAMer, someone who was allowed to stay on an education visa after having arrived illegally, and then open up a path to citizenship.

She is a career student. That’s right, her entire career is to pull in as many degrees as possible.

What? How? Who allowed this to happen?

The DREAM Act was written by President Obama’s buddy from Illinois, and globalist Republican Orrin Hatch in 2001. That’s right, it was a bipartisan effort. But it was blocked.

In 2009 after the Democrats achieved their Supermajority they made the DREAM Act one of their priorities. In MARCH, two months after Obama took office, the DREAM Act was unshelved, but with amendments that allowed anyone between the ages of 12 and 35 to take part.

The Democrats changed the program to, instead of target people who came here as children, but to target and include everyone that was going to be reaching voting age by (guess when!) the 2016 ELECTION.

Good News!

It didn’t pass!

In 2012 however, Obama ordered the end of deportations of illegals that fit DREAM Act criteria. Can you say Executive Orders? AKA DACA.

Astrid Silva is at the DNC to brag about all the school she’s done and make this executive order seem like a good idea. She is there to open the narrative that Donald’s revocation of that order will hurt America by taking away all these wonderful, educated, productive members of American society!

Well, that’s bullshit. Astrid Silva isn’t contributing to America; she’s leeching off of it!

Let’s Talk About Her Career:

Astrid Silva has three degrees. Remember how Bernouts wanted free college? You know why college is so expensive? People like Astrid Silva who aren’t paying for their college. These people are freeloaded by the government and scholarships to pay the majority of their costs and they take up slots in school that Americans should be filling. Let’s not even consider how often her heritage benefited her in applying for scholarships or on college applications.

Astrid Silva went to UNLV, which is subsidized by the government of Nevada at a rate of 27%.

Who are we kidding, illegals get preferential treatment over American citizens, so she’ll clearly get IN-STATE Tuition: $1,620 subsidized per year averaged across the entire student body.

As for an American that isn’t a legal resident of Nevada? That’s $20,000 a year. Over the time of her three degrees at that rate, she’s getting subsidized, at a low-end rate, of $20,000. That leaves approximately $50,000 that she either paid out of pocket (not likely) or got from scholarships and grants.

Here’s an estimation of how much her “career of study” has cost the American taxpayer:

Cost to Graduate Highschool: $123,300.

Cost to get three degrees: $20,000 in minimum subsidies/$50,000 in other scholarships and grants.

Equivalent Cost for a legal American to do the same: $240,000.

And that’s purely the cost of the schools; not considering any welfare, tax breaks, room and board, or anything else.
So, is that schooling actually worth that money, or is the school system rigged to rip money out of the hands of honest Americans and give beneficial treatment to illegal aliens? Maybe she even paid some out of pocket; but if so how much less did she pay than an American to do the same?

Why are we giving this person a stage? So she can brag about how much she has stolen from the taxpayer and complain about living in fear that she’ll be punished for it? If so, it makes perfect sense that Crooked Hillary is the candidate to invite her.

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