Sheriff David Clarke On BLM List of Demands: ‘This Has George Soros Written All Over It’


Tuesday night on FOX’s Hannity Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke let out a bold set of statements against Black Lives Matter, which is something that he has been heavily outspoken against in the past. Sheriff David Clarke slams the group as a ‘hateful destructive ideology’ and compares this new list of demands to a child throwing a temper tantrum:

…look at these new demands that were put out, this manifesto, it reminds me of a 9 year old kid who sits on the floor and tells his mom he is going to hold his breath until he gets to watch cartoons…

Sheriff David Clarke on Hannity

He then goes on to call out directly the main culprit behind the funding of Black Lives Matter, George Soros:

…they want climate change addressed, they want an end to deportation of illegal immigrants, they also want reparations for slavery, and they also want an end to capitalism. Look this has George Soros written all over it…

Sheriff David Clarke on Hannity

Watch Sheriff David Clarke on Hannity below:

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