The Main Difference Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Energy


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been going head to head now that the primary season has come to an end; both have been doing appearances, rallies, talk shows, and much more in order to gain traction and take the lead in this ever so tight 2016 race for the White House.

The main difference between the two however is the energy that both candidates give off. Hillary Clinton has been in the political eye for over 40 years now and has yet to gain the same mass energetic following that Donald Trump has swiped fairly quickly this election season.

Trump has been holding massive rallies all year long, some even gaining over 20,000+ people filling up arenas nationwide—many times having to bar entry to thousands more outside because of seating and fire hazard restraints. Where is Hillary Clinton’s energy one might ask? Good question, and not many people have been able to figure that out.

Clinton has been slammed in recent weeks for giving rallies for crowds that are extremely sub-par for someone who has been so deeply embedded in politics.

The problem is that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have extremely different styles of energy. While Clinton is more cold cut, politically correct, and boring; Donald Trump is outgoing, energetic, and outspoken. Trump normally gets himself into trouble with his increasingly outspoken and anti-politically correct attitude, but this is one of the major reasons that he is drawing increasingly larger crowds than Hillary.

People are fed up with the status quo, and they are fed up with being spoon-fed the same political mumbo jumbo over and over again. Donald Trump represents a fresh take on American politics—one that has been seriously needed for a long time: Honesty.

Trump has been trumping Clinton in polls on trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity for many good reasons. Hillary Clinton has a hard time telling the truth and the American public is starting to understand that career politicians don’t always tell it like it is. Trump has skipped around the mainstream media by targeting the people that truly matter come election time, the hard-working voters.

In the end it will come down to who can resonate better with the middle class everyday Joe come November, and both Clinton and Trump have lots of work to do before they can start to feel comfortable with their campaigns.

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