Hillary Clinton’s Latest Ad is Pro-Trump — How Much Worse Can Her Campaign Get


Hillary Clinton tweeted out another attack ad against Republican nominee Donald Trump earlier today in which she used a clip from one of Trump’s rallies where he is talking about sending military information.

Take a look:

This ad comes as a surprise to many who are pro-Trump and many who are on the fence about how Hillary Clinton mismanaged classified information in her personal email server scandal. How silly is it for someone who is undergoing federal investigation for the misuse of classified information to bring up how Donald Trump wants to be more secure and safe with our top military information?

In this ad Donald Trump is talking about how we should revert to the old paper methods of delivering top military information so they can’t be sniffed over the internet or telephone lines (which they probably are being listened to by all of our allies and enemies).

Hillary Clinton’s ad team needs to take a serious look before they attempt to release any more attack ads that seem to be 100% pro-Trump.

  • Jan

    The reality is that people are reverting to ‘sneakernet’ or non digital communications for top secret messages. You are a fool if you think digital delivery isn’t being watched.

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