Apple Taking Gun Control To New Levels: Replacing Pistol Emoji With Water Gun


Apple is taking gun control and the term politically correct to new levels with the announcement of the replacement of the pistol emoji with a new water gun emoji.

On Monday it was announced that along with many other emoji updates Apple will be replacing the gun emoji with a new politically correct water gun. According to CNN Money Apple was also supposed to introduce a new rifle emoji but members of Apple and Microsoft decided against putting it in. The gun emoji has gotten people into trouble in the past with some reports of emoji users being charged with threatening people over their devices with the emojis. Telegraph reports that one French court decided that the pistol emoji could be considered a death threat.

It is unclear whether Apple also plans to replace other politically incorrect emojis such as the knife, pill, or crossed swords; however, this should serve to show people just how absurd it is to try and baby proof everything that we use every day.

Leah Barret, an Executive Director for the NYAGV stated that “Apple has stood up to the bullying tactics of the NRA and gun industry…”

iOS 10 is set to drop sometime this fall, but don’t plan on using the gun emoji any longer.

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