Massive Protests In Berlin Against Merkel — Crowds Chant ‘Merkel Must Go!’


BERLIN — Live protests are occurring at this moment in the streets of Berlin where thousands have gathered to protest the current political course and hope to rule out the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel who has been one of the top supporters of the disastrous immigration policies that have been reeking havoc on Germany and other European nations.

This comes as a backlash from Merkel recently stating that she is standing firm with her immigration policy even despite the horrific attacks that have been taking place just about every week in Germany and in the rest of the EU.

Protesters have been chanting ‘Merkel must go’, and many other anti-immigration sayings for over 5 hours this Saturday.

It is clear that the political climate of Germany and most of the EU is going to dramatically change as these attacks, policies, and protests continue to expand.

Watch the Anti-Merkel protests unfold:

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