Philadelphia — The Democratic National Convention has been experiencing an all out civil war between Bernie Sanders supporters and the establishment wanting to silence their voice.

DNC Actors Ad via Craigslist

One Bernie Sanders delegate has uploaded a video detailing the struggle that Sanders delegates had to endure while being barred from entering the convention center this Thursday following the massive chants for Bernie and echoing boos of Hillary rivals.

The delegate states in her video, sure to go viral soon following the #DNCLeaks from Wikileaks, that the DNC officials were not allowing California Bernie delegates to enter the convention center and filled their seats with reserved slots for paid actors. This information is souring after the many allegations that the DNC was posting ads on Craigslist for actors to sit and fill seats and cheer for speakers during the convention.

She also states and shows in her video that the DNC put up white noise machines in order to drown out the chants, boos, and yelling from the delegates so that it appears that their is full party unity. From these videos and the news of the Democratic convention so far it is an easy confirmation that the Democrats are imploding at a massive rate.

It is not confirmed weather this video is credible or not, however it is always good to question the establishment and the things that they can and will try to pull off.

The constant attempts to silence the people from the Democrats will not help their cause, and will only allow more fuel to the fire of corruption and censorship that the left holds so dearly.

  • Vance Davis

    This convention was the first time tens of millions of Americans had a chance to see and hear Berns. Sadly, what they saw and heard was not a revolution or a movement, did not even resemble one. They saw a bunch of extraordinarily selfish, entitled extremists who know nothing about how to accomplish anything. Psst, it takes working with others and compromise. You are led by a man who ONLY talks and has never accomplished his goals, because he is angry and defiant. And his followers proved to be far worse. Literally NOTHING but shallow, entitled self absorbed cult. Yes, your group checks every single characteristic which defines cults. I saw it up close in the arena – nothingness. And the entire nation now will DISMISS you. Not to be heard from again. Don’t believe me? (smirking as I type) Let me know in 6 months. Dismissed.

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