Top Five Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Switching to Donald Trump


This political season has been one hell of a ride and the mainstream media has had a frenzy in making former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican nominee Donald Trump look bad, but this time it backfired for good.

Despite the medias efforts to push former Sanders supporters forward with Hillary Clinton it seems that even though the wool was over the eyes of former Sanders supporters–they saw past the lies, corruption, and scandals and are making peace with Donald J. Trump.

#1 — Donald Trump is the true anti-establishment candidate.

Although Senator Sanders’ campaign seemed like the real deal grassroots anti-establishment movement, it appears that with his endorsement of the most establishment candidate in the history of the U.S. Presidential election that he isn’t so true to his ideals after all. Sanders claimed to be against big banks, Wall Street, the 1%, TPP, and all of these things that Hillary Clinton holds so dearly–but then he turned right around and endorsed her. Donald Trump on the other hand, is as anti-establishment as it gets.

Many members of the failing #NeverTrump movement like to point out that Donald Trump once supported and donated to Democrats and his 2016 Presidential rival Hillary Clinton–but they often fail to mention why he would have done these things. Trump, being a businessman at the time of supporting his so-called opposition, had an obligation to his business to get along with everyone; and yes that means his enemies.

Donald Trump has been plastered in the mainstream media and by members of the establishment for one main reason: he represents the end of their horrid reign. If you still think that Donald Trump is a part of the establishment ask yourself this–why would they [the establishment] spend many of millions of dollars in attack ads and negative press against him?

#2 — Trade, trade, trade.

A right wing Republican and a Democratic Socialist may seem not comparable, but Trump and Sanders are two sides of the same coin. Sanders has openly criticized the horrific trade deals that our country has been making over the last couple decades. Trade was one of the main reasons hard working citizens felt that Sanders knew what he was talking about; nevertheless, Donald Trump is also very adamant about the same trade ideals.

Trump and Sanders alike shared their discomfort with job-wrecking trade deals such as TPP and NAFTA; however, Trump is easily more equip to negotiate and close better trade deals than Sanders ever could. Trump has been negotiating deals his entire life, and has even wrote about how and why he became so successful in his famous book “The Art of The Deal”. Trump is so adept at negotiating deals that in a measly two minute phone call he negotiated one of the Presidential debates from three and a half hours down to just two hours.

#3 — Corruption and money in politics.

It is frequently understood by all that money talks, and this means much more in politics than any other field. Senator Sanders claimed to be the voice of reason this election, calling out Hillary Clinton and the corrupt establishment for taking millions of dollars in blood money from other countries, big banks, special interests, and anyone else with pockets deeper than the Marianas Trench.

Just when you thought Senator Sanders stood for his morals and ideals—he backfired. Sanders went on to endorse Hillary Clinton for President and then donated the rest of his campaign funds to her campaign; great job standing with your followers Mr. Sanders.

Just like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump also has openly called out against the mass of problems that money in politics brings. He has even attacked the Saudi prince for his ties to American politics:

#4 — Honesty is the best policy.

In this day and age, it is better to flat out lie than to tell someone a brutal truth—this is brought about by the horrid idea of being politically correct, something that Donald Trump is very much against. This is a time where savages like ISIS are cutting off heads, drowning women and gays in steel cages, and not allowing women to dress themselves or vote.

It may annoy many people, and this comes with the idea that the truth hurts, but Donald Trump speaks what needs to be said–and frankly what everyone else is thinking. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to say the tough things, sure there will always be some special snowflakes that just can’t believe what is being said, but those are the very people who just ignore the plain facts anyway.

With Donald Trump you will get honesty and integrity, something that our government is extremely lacking these days.

#5 — Revenge.

Bernie Sanders voters are having an internal crisis right now. They can either give in and support the very person who is the exact opposite of what their grassroots movement stood for—or turn the tables and make peace with their media hounded rival Donald Trump. After the stunts that were pulled by the Democratic Party against Sanders in the primaries, revenge is a main reason many of his supporters are settling for Trump.

The recent Wikileaks DNC email leak shows that the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and DNC heads where openly planning from the beginning to undermine the Sanders campaign. Hillary Clinton has been known to always get her way, but this time it is more clear than ever that she cannot–and will not get her way.

Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders, his voters, and the American people too many times to be forgiven for her crimes. An elephant never forgets, and Sanders supporters trunks are getting bigger and bigger.

Donald Trump may be a hard pill to swallow for many Sanders supporters after the intense primary run and horrific media coverage that occurred, but they should know better than anyone that the system is rigged. The media, government elites, big banks, and special interest are hammering Trump so hard because he will be the nail in their coffin—and they know it.

Sanders supporters obviously will not be on board with every single one of Trumps positions, but they should give them a hard second look. America first is an amazing policy, for too long have we been wasting our time policing and correcting sides of the world that have no gain for us.

Sanders supports will make the right choice in November, and that choice will keep the wicked witch from the oval office–of that I am sure.

  • KELLY Bray

    Bernie fans will follow Trump. Hillary is over the top corrupt.

  • Aaron

    Awesome article. Well written and eye opening

    Thank you

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