Shooting in Munich Mall: Multiple Dead


Police are currently investigating a suspected terror attack in a Munich shopping center this Friday. NTV is reporting several victims are dead and many others are wounded. The authorities are in high alert and have shut down all local public transportation—they are also warning citizens to stay inside and find protection.

It in unconfirmed at this time if a terror group is claiming responsibility for this attack, but many are already suspecting that the Islamic State is involved based on recent events.

This attack comes as a shock after the horrid attacks that rocked Nice, France earlier this month.

What we know so far:

  • Munich police are sending a robot to investigate one of the suspected shooters body and backpack.
  • Gunmen are still at large & considered dangerous.
  • Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts are praising the attack.
  • Media is confirming no one in custody yet.
  • U.S. President Barack Obama has pledged his full support for Munich.
  • At least 10 confirmed dead at this time.
  • One shooter is still at large after a shooting inside a McDonald’s across the street from the Olympia shopping mall where the attacks took place.
  • Witnesses are saying that gunfire broke out inside of the Olympia shopping mall earlier today and multiple victims are confirmed dead at this time—more are wounded.
  • One man has tweeted a picture outside the scene:


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