Officers Shot and Shooter Confirmed Dead at Michigan Courthouse


Berrien County Courthouse, Michigan — At approximately 2:20 P.M. local time two court bailiffs and the shooter are confirmed dead outside of the Berrien County Courthouse in Michigan. WBND is reporting that the shooter took a gun off of a deputy and opened fire inside the courthouse killing two court bailiffs.

There is a massive police presence at the courthouse and the situation is reported under control according to the Berrien County police dispatch.

The shooter is confirmed dead at this time and WSBT is reporting that the victims are being taken to Lakeland Hospital and that the chaplain has been called to the scene.

This comes as very sad news after the horrific scene that unfolded in Dallas earlier this week, with the Dallas police chief reporting that the shooter had larger plans than that of which he carried out. Our men and women of law enforcement have had a tough week, and this news in Berrien County is a sad addition to the fray.


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