Bernie Sanders — The Greatest Con Artist of Our Generation


Millennials have always wanted to be a part of the driving force for change in politics, despite being the least qualified on the subject. The 2016 Presidential election has been a heated race between the two front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — both of these candidates have their pros and their cons, as with every political cycle; but this time around something is different.

The Clinton family discusses the Clinton Global Initiative.

The new age of voters is having a hard time wrapping their minds around Hillary Clinton for President — for good reason. Clinton has been an extremely hard candidate for the Democratic Party to push because of her many mishaps and scandals both in and out of office. From Benghazi, her insecure e-mail server, and the mess that is the Clinton Foundation; Mrs. Clinton has a very long way to go in terms of convincing millennials that she is fit for office.

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton had a wide variety of slip-ups that are hindering her performance both in voter turnout and in the polls with the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll giving Trump a 2-point lead.

All of these facts are the reason that many millennials chose Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for their 2016 Democratic choice. Senator Sanders was immediately praised for his anti-establishment views — claiming that the Democratic primary system is rigged in favor of the powerful, and frequently blaming the rich for Americas developing problems.

He was a sweet old man who millennials quickly fell in love with, mainly because Hillary Clinton is an obvious choice for prison; and the front-runner of the Republican party Donald Trump has been horribly misrepresented by mainstream media — being compared to Adolf Hitler, and many other outrageous claims because the left feels that securing our borders and taking care of our veterans is a secondary measure to which bathroom the LGBT community wants to use, and destroying our Second Amendment rights.

Sanders plans quickly gained the hearts of many college liberals, and a majority of millennials who are in favor of things such as free college, increased corporate taxes, and Robin-hood taxes on the rich. Senator Sanders rapidly gained traction and started to get his message across to the masses; however, the mainstream media (who is completely in Hillary Clintons pocket) refused to fairly cover Sanders and his plans, ousting him as a far left uncontrollable socialist.

All throughout the online world people were donating to the Sanders Campaign in droves, some even going as far to donate more than their family can afford with one Redditor on /r/SandersForPresident stating that he couldn’t afford to feed his family this week because he maxed out his donations to the Sanders Campaign. OpenSecrets states that currently Sanders has raised over $222.2 Million and 99.99% of this money was in the form of campaign donations — and he lost the race.

Sanders promised his supporters a political revolution, aiming to take back Washington from the political elite who have driven it so deeply into the dirt — but at this point is was clear that Sanders wasn’t even trying to win the election. Loss after loss Sanders continued to campaign, and he also continued to steal money from the oh so hard-working liberals.

The Greatest Con Artist of our Generation.
Greatest Con Artist of Our Generation, Sell-out Sanders.

Sanders finances disclosed that he was spending about $1.6 million in private jets, and the menu aboard these lavish jets consisted of lobster sliders, red lentil soup, herb crusted lamb loin, chocolate ganache, crab salad, and fine cheese with expensive wines. Really sounds like the menu of an every day anti-establishment working man, doesn’t it?

To add to the already obvious scam that is the Sanders Campaign, Sanders has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. So not only did this man convince hard-working millennials that he was the leader of some anti-establishment grassroots movement, but he flat-out stole $222.2 Million from their pockets, and then proceeded to give it all away to the very political elites that he seemed to oppose. Many of the Sanders donors are not aware that since Sanders endorsed Clinton that he has an obligation to help her finance her general election run. All of that sweet sweet donation money is going straight into the pockets of Crooked Hillary Clinton, and Senator Sell-out Sanders.

He claimed to have stood for freedom, equality, and the working class, but obviously had a different motive in mind. Many of Sanders most vocal supporters are rallying to the presumptive Republican Nominee Donald Trump, who in my opinion is a side of the same coin as Sanders himself. One ex-Sanders supporter claims:

If he cares about income equality, why is he gonna keep encouraging people without money to waste what they do (or don’t) have? I hope Trump wins, because someone does need to take the money out of politics. — Reddit

Trump has been attacked furiously by Clinton and Sanders both, and many of the Sanders supporters now realize that the only way that we can once and for all give a giant middle finger to the political elite; is by electing Donald J. Trump as our President. Trump and Sanders agree on trade policies, but Trump is an experienced businessman who has shown time and time again he knows how to make deals — he even is the author of “The Art of the Deal”, one of the highest rated negotiation and business books of all time.

Even if you don’t agree with everything Trump stands for, it is clear that he is a much better choice for someone who wants to stick it to the establishment. The establishment has shown its true power with the wool over many millennials eyes that is — The Greatest Con Artist of Our Generation, Bernie Sanders. reached out to the Sanders Campaign for comment, and all we got instead was this:

No Refunds - Bernie Sanders.
No Refunds – Bernie Sanders.
  • Aaron

    What more could you expect out of Col. Cuckington leader of the great social fleecing. No Refunds.

  • SC

    Millennials are dumb. They deserve to spend their paychecks on a commie nutjob and then have their precious feelings hurt.. That’ll get ’em prepped for the day they DO elect a commie (and they will, because they’re detached from reality) and commies take all their possessions, rich or poor.

    • anon

      Perhaps, but in 2020 millennials will have ~44% of the votes. Almost enough to elect a candidate in and of themselves, and with each election cycle they learn a little more of how the world works, they grow a little more politically involved. I for one can’t wait to see what they do a decade or two down the line.

      • anon2

        yeah, if they voted..

  • Brad

    Brett Gifford << BASED

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