St Paul — Minneapolis BLM Protest: Observation


July 8, 2016

St Paul/Minneapolis, MN was the scene of a large protest organized by Black Lives Matter (BLM).  Interstate 94 was blocked for approximately two hours as police tried peaceful intervention to get the crowd to disperse.  That did not stop some members of the protest from taunting police with gestures, words and signage.

Eventually, the police flanked the protesters and pushed their way across the highway using non lethal tear gas and smoke canisters.  This was viewed live on YouTube live stream and was uploaded by a self styled non reporter with a microphone and cameraman. Nonetheless, a useful stream was watched and information was gained. Muting the stream helped.

At the head of this article is a screen capped image.  That came from the above referenced stream.  The “reporter” sees a pamphlet on the ground and there were many of these scattered.  They are printed propaganda intended to incite people and sway them to fulfill the Communist Party USA agenda.  The copy on the pamphlet reads “Time to get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution”.  A quick search yielded what was expected. is a site for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and the pamphlet is theirs.

There is no argument that the US is at a critical juncture, but what happens may define our future.  The Communist Party has not had as much traction in the US in its history, but with years of dumbing down education in favor of utopian ideals, it has lain the inroad for their ideology and upset people, such as BLM are being used as useful idiots to get sway and create unrest. It is nothing new as far as tactic for these people, but it is at a time when we have various critical junctures coming together.

Racial tension is at a peak, the likes of which have not been seen since the 1960’s, the difference being it is nearly all on the side of some black protestors.  Add that it is an intense election cycle and a hot summer and we have a mix that can boil over.  President Obama has spent 8 years of pushing for a divide and with his appointed cabinet it has unraveled to now.  The message sent by letting Hillary Clinton avoid prosecution has added fuel as well.  Then yesterday, Clinton says white people need to change.  Loretta Lynch has told black protestors to continue.  Division.

Donald Trump has been falsely accused of being racist, but has anyone noticed that Trump is no where near these matters?  No one talks about him.  Why is that?  Because he is not agitating matters or creating divide — He has said All Lives Matter and that is truth.




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