Dallas, Texas: Blue Line Targeted


July 8, 2016 2:45am EDT

First, I wish to express our sincere condolences to the Dallas officers who were killed or injured last night.  Bless the blue line. Thank you.

Last night in Dallas, Texas, a march inspired by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was taking place.  Arguably, all lives matter, so the BLM movement is ambiguous at best and demonstrably racist at worst.  It’s divided nature in naming and focus, targets hate at police and others not inclusive to their name. It has become so bad in society a petition has even been generated on whitehouse.gov asking BLM to be identified as a terrorist organization.

That said, Dallas has been known as a city that has handled race relations well in recent years.  Yesterday evening, shortly before 9:00pm CDT, the march was progressing peacefully until shots rang out sending people running away and into buildings for cover.  Shooters were not targeting marchers, but police in the area who were stationed to monitor the march for its peaceful progression.  Pandemonium commenced.

As the evening progressed and information was released, it was confirmed that these known shooters were snipers atop area buildings.  Others may have also been part of this effort and authorities are following up all leads.

In sum, 4 officers were killed and 7 more were injured, with 1 civilian injured. That total may change.

Anyone who pays any attention to news can see this year is akin to any one particular year of the late 1960’s.  Due to political choices, we are coming full circle.  Years of political heads making large efforts to show how we are different have succeeded in making the widest divide we have seen in 50 years.  We need to weigh the merit of the individual over the group identity.  That is America.

It has just been confirmed that a 5th officer has been announced as having passed away — Rest well.  Thank you for your service.

It has become apparent that the social media sites Twitter and Facebook have had a spate of anti police posts and even posts that call for the targeting of police for death.  Many of these predate the events in Dallas last night.  Those after, of this type, are cheering for the shooters.  While we in the US have a 1st Amendment right to free speech, it comes with responsibility.

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