Hillary Clinton: Political Favors and the Email Non Indictment


Virtually everyone may heave heard about this mornings press conference by FBI director James Comey. In the press conference he declared Hillary Clinton will not be recommend to be charged with a crime and instead made a scathing statement about Mrs. Clinton and her staff mishandling the matter.  It smells of political favor. While it may not be able to be proven the implication is clear.  Ignorance of the law did not apply to Mrs. Clinton, but applies to anyone else.  That said, Comey did leave open the possible administrative sanctioning of or her staff.

Last week Bill Clinton met with Lorreta Lynch.  Though most media is downplaying the impact of this meeting, the overwhelming view is it was interference in the FBI recommending prosecution or not. A source close to the meeting that is said to be vetted claims Bill Clinton forced the meeting with Lynch to occur, delaying his jet from takeoff for 20-25 minutes as he paced waiting for Lynch to arrive.  That indicates the behavior we know from the Clinton’s in how they manipulate matters.

When Bill Clinton was impeached, yet not removed from office, it was due to his lying under oath when asked about his affair with Monika Lewinsky. He was prosecuted but it did not involved espionage laws, as does Mrs. Clinton’s non approved manner of electronic communications.  It is clear that Hillary Clinton is using the machine she and her husband helped create when he was President.

It is possible that despite this non indictment, it will work against her.  Her supporters will say she is cleared of charges.  She wasn’t.

What is likely to occur is Hillary will be seen for who she is with more people leaving her support base.  James Comey seemed to subtext suggest that they want to prosecute but there is not a court in the land that would convict her.  He admitted others had been prosecuted and convicted of less egregious acts within the same law violations.



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