July 4th Holiday PSA: Be Bold and Report Suspicious People or Activity


Much has been said about the spate of attacks where a person sees something suspicious but does not report it for fear of being seen as racist.  San Bernardino, California is an excellent case study for this article.  A neighbor to the Muslim faith attackers were afraid to be labelled as racist for reporting events they saw at their soon to be attacking neighbors home. Namely, it was suspicious people visiting who looked to be Arabic.

It was not that long ago it was easy to simply call in a report of anything suspicious, but the constant attacks on people in the news for being “racist” have made for an unease.  Add that social justice warriors will do their usual classification and labeling with any mention of race being somehow racist.  It is also the last ditch argument used rather than facts.

Lets dispel a myth. There is no racism involved in reporting a suspicious person.  A typical call to 911 or directly to ones police department will involve a few questions.  What is the incident being reported, the description of people or vehicles and location.  You may be asked for your name as well. How practical is it to not describe a person in a common term?  If a person looks white, black, Latino, Arabic, or even Martian, it is wise to give the detail to police so they can have better information and more easily locate a person of interest.

Be bold.  Report anything suspicious.  Holidays are known to be risky times and right now it is even more so.  We are on the heels of Orlando in the US and it seems a day has not passed where some attack on innocents has occurred in the world.  If you are unsure what is applicable to report, this linked blog site offers a comprehensive list of information that can assist you to be informed to make a safer life for all.

As an aside, I urge US citizens to learn about the meaning to July 4th. The fireworks and barbecues have lost meaning to many.  They are meant to be a means to gather together and celebrate the declaration of independence from England.  The date is July 4th, 1776 and commemorates the declaration that the thirteen colonies were a new independent country.

Sadly, there is a disconnect and a lack of knowledge on what the significance is to the day.  The following video shows this.

Enjoy yourselves and be safe.  We are Americans.  All Lives Matter.

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