Bangladesh Cafe Attacked: Hostage Situation — ISIS Attack


Shots came today along with at least one bomb in the diplomatic zone of Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Current sources suggest ISIS is the force behind the attack, despite the US publicly stating the matter is under assessment. There are two confirmed dead so far, one a police chief in the city. About forty have been injured, mostly from shrapnel, related to the known bomb detonation.

The current situation is about twenty hostages are being held in Holey Artisan Bakery, a cafe within walking distance to several consulate offices.   No demands from the hostage takers have been ascertained at this point and negotiations are being attempted.

When the hostages were first captured, police commandos attempted to breech the cafe and were repelled by gunfire and grenades.

Updates will be posted as new information arises.

UPDATE: 3:00am EDT US, July 2, 2016: The hostage situation is over. ISIS is the confirmed responsible militant group. Early in the morning at 7:40am local time to Dhaka, Army forces and armored vehicles stormed the cafe freeing 12 or more hostages, some which were foreigners to the country.  In total, confirmed injuries top 30, dead is still the earlier two.  Of the attackers, 5 are confirmed dead, leaving 3 to 5 unaccounted for from earlier reports. During the situation, some employees managed to barricade themselves in a bathroom and get word out to relatives they were alive.  The initial attack also had the attackers shouting some meaning of “God is great”. More details will come in the coming days.

UPDATE: 11:15pm EDT US, July 1, 2016: The attackers have uploaded images to a news service that publishes such images for their purpose and the images suggest many hostages have now been killed, with beheading noted by an observer.

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