Analysis: What is Different This Election Cycle?


The term “Left” is a conventional term used today to describe one side of how polarized we are as a nation of Left and Right. There are gradient shades of blue and red within that spectrum, but the blue shades of thought have a tendency to have a group think of how to engage conversation. Generally, blue shades are repeating what they are told or see online that is crafted by the true blue believer machine using censored mediums like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Red shades tend to get toward truths and are often wrapped up in correcting the blue half-truths or lies.

Blue is typically interacting the following way. Recognize the pattern:

  • Post, speak or reply with a fiery /rant that is from blue opinion news or blogs
  • When a fact or source is posted to dispel a myth, blue will usually ignore said fact or source and attack again
  • Rinse and repeat

This election cycle some who have been asleep and have simply been parroting the blue line have started waking up. The proven effective DNC election machine is similar to the “Emperor’s New Clothes” story. In that story an emperor was such an overbearing menace and so deeply vain, his clothes maker “made” a new set of clothes and simply mimed the whole matter. The emperor took to the streets naked, believing he had the best clothes ever, but the people saw he was naked.

One has to credit Bernie Sanders with helping in this regard, despite his radical ideas, as he was not in the same machine as Hillary Clinton and that freed some minds to awaken. When Bernie Sanders campaign shut down, many who were supporters were left with the truth of Hillary Clinton and her inability to be a good President but no idea where to go until some found their way to Donald Trump.

A YouTube video was created that shows the similarities between the two candidates on immigration policy in light of the need for jobs for our youth. Currently, the entry level jobs are often taken by workers seen as more compliant, but perhaps that is fear of deportation. That is the crux of the drum bang for opening borders and naturalizing those who entered the country illegally. That fear is used to fuel the campaign platform for Hillary as it has for other blue candidates for several years now.

Ron Paul called for a revolution a few years ago and now it is happening. The global guard is upset by BREXIT and are highly unlikely to get their paid for candidate Hillary Clinton into office. Donald Trump has reconciled to stay on point with his messages as we narrow the contest and there is an awakening with a defined hope and change that means something.

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