A Brief Look Back: How We Got Here


In the early 1990’s, after George H.W. Bush was President, we had Bill Clinton elected. The Democrat party had capitalized on a poorly thought out promise by Bush where he had made his acceptance speech declaring “read my lips, no new taxes”. Of course, taxes did go up. To compound things, we had a moderate economic recession during that election cycle. That sealed the seat for Bill Clinton to be elected in in November 1991.

At that time we also had problems from the later part of the crack cocaine epidemic that was tearing our cities apart. Disenfranchised youth started to aim for glory in being music stars, in the genre of rap. It was a dynamic time for America and what I see as the time when everything changed toward empowering the more socialist ideals we see today in the Democrat party. Due to the crack cocaine epidemic, the “3 Strikes” legislation was enacted and passed by states and Clinton claimed it as a success despite disproportionately jailing black Americans starting the industrial incarceration we know today. It is no secret that prisons are a business now and due to that, it fuels profit to incarcerate people.

While 3 Strikes was deemed strong legislation, it ended up incarcerating more black Americans than any other group, often for petty crimes or crimes that could be dealt with in other programs. I mention this because at the end of Bill Clinton’s second term, he made a speech declaring the highest employment of black people ever. It did not take into account the enormous numbers of blacks that were in prison due to 3 strikes.

Probably the best example I can cite to where we strayed socially was in media advertising. Matthew Lesko is a reasonably smart man, who in the earliest days of the internet, pioneered an infomercial tactic to sell books on getting “free things from the government”. He rationalized with viewers, while wearing his trademark coat with question marks all over, that “it’s your money”, so why not take advantage of it. He sold copious amounts of these books. He branched out to books on other areas that were more specific and even created one for getting free things through the Internet. These books covered anything from grants for school to a myriad of miscellaneous free things that were legitimately to get, but not meant to be en masse or exploited to be received.

Political and advertising messages changed to push what the government can do for you, rather than what Kennedy stated about doing for the country, and it rang with a desperate America. America had weathered a recession and the violence of crack and the Los Angeles riot of 1992. Clinton did get credit for the country feeling better but it was through entitlement policies that made people beholden to the government. The advent of global warming concerns in modern society came about with Al Gore in the forefront.

Al Gore was Clinton’s Vice President and in the election cycle of 1999 for 2000, he used the machine of electronic medium that was polished further since the second term election of Clinton. George W. Bush won that 1999 contest, but not without dispute, as recounts ensued due to being a very close count. Florida was a battleground there and kept cable news busy with constant updates that were akin to a crisis. Around that election the so called dot com boom burst.

On the heels of the dot com bust growing, global warming news, and a weakened Bill Clinton due to his indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky, George W. Bush was elected. There was nothing too remarkable about his first term until the summer of 2001 when it was a heat wave and news media seemed bored as no huge news was happening to report. Come September 11, 2001 we had the infamous 9-11 attacks which ultimately fueled much division in our country. The initial shock brought most people to a run to a patriotic outpouring show but that was short lived as scrutiny came upon the swift legislation that came about as a reaction, The Patriot Act. We now know it was pre written and simply enacted after the attacks and a suspicious section of the country took that as a sign that 911 was a setup.

The attacks pushed George W. Bush into a two term Presidency, but liberals and conservatives alike were largely put to sleep with the messages of division and the election of Barrack Obama sealed that further dividing the country. The Democrat party machine is in overdrive and at this time, we have people who believe the constant messages of division and lies. Most news is delivered with a slant rather than a factual set of statements. News today encompasses cable, tv, blogs, various websites and sadly, social media, which is a platform for opinion.

Social media is known to be the most influential medium today. What harms this is traditional news delivering slanted news to feed social media. This election cycle large numbers of people are waking up and are tired of the global interests that control the world. Candidates have been bought and paid for over many years. Hillary Clinton is one who is in this machine and is the presumed winner due to her being paid for.

It appears to this author that the candidacy of Donald Trump is the US referendum, not unlike the recent Brexit vote for the United Kingdom in leaving the European Union. He speaks the truth and those who are in the grasp of the media machine bristle when they hear the actual truth and not what they are fed as those messages differ. Donald Trump’s support is growing and many who are coming over to him have almost literally woken up. That is why Trump is growing. He tells the truth to a people who have been lied to for decades. Que the red pill Neo.

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