Virginia Delegate Files Lawsuit To Shirk Duty


(June 25, 2016) A lawsuit was filed Friday against Mark Herring, the Virginia Attorney General. Attorney Carroll “Beau” Correll Jr., a GOP delegate from Virginia, is bound by Virginia law to vote his first ballot at the national convention for the winner of the states primary election. Mr. Donald Trump won the states Primary Election. Correll does not support Mr. Trump and is citing Virginia code 24.2-545 D, claiming that it violates their freedom of speech.

…delegates and alternates shall be bound to vote on the first ballot at the national convention for the candidate receiving the most votes in the primary…

Correll, a campaign co-chair for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Virginia’s 10th congressional district in his bid for President, is attempting to get class action status involving the states 159 delegates, 49 Republican and 110 Democrat. The chief complaint for Correll Jr. is his claimed feeling Mr. Trump is “unfit” to be President.

Recent news reports of rumors detail discussions that the GOP derail the Trump campaign by unbinding delegates making this lawsuit questionable as political.

In December 2015, 68% of Mr. Trump supporters said they would vote for him if he left the GOP and ran independent. With this lawsuit and the GOP not backing him as the peoples choice, Mr. Trump has the option decide to do this.

It is not certain what, if any, effect this lawsuit will have on the convention prospects for the Trump campaign. Being the sole candidate left in the Republican race, it will amount to nothing more than a empty protest.

The GOP may not like Mr. Trump, as he is not beholden to them, but Mr. Trump is appealing to a growing number of citizens and is who the people want. The GOP needs to reconcile with that.

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