Regarding Loretta Lynch’s rationale for censoring the Mateen call


Loretta Lynch spoke to MSNBC on June 19th announcing the release of the “partial” transcript of the 911 call made by Omar Mateen during the Pulse night club massacre. When asked why “partial”, she said:

Well, what we’re not going to do is further proclaim this individual’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,

The backlash at this statement was so voluminous, the FBI ended up releasing the full transcript of the call that same day, deeming the controversy to be “a distraction”. Score one for sense.

At this point, nothing about the Attorney General’s logic is shocking to me coming from the Obama administration. What I did find surprising was hearing people, even people on the right, taking her “strategy” seriously.  I’ve racked my brain trying to imagine why people are playing along with this and I’ve come up with one possible answer.

Political correctness is a war on logic. Its most pernicious element is the way it forces people to pretend not to know things that they do know for a fact when it risks treading on a taboo. When this sort of filtered language becomes commonplace in daily life, it can be difficult to think through the haze but I have a trick I’d like to share with you that might help.

Part of the problem is that when an idea comes from one of the highest offices in the country, we tend to assume it’s coming from the people who know best so we should trust that it’s smarter than it sounds.

Bumbo - Artist Approximation
Bumbo – Artist Approximation

So what I like to do is take the quote out of the mouth of the Attorney General and put it into to mouth of Bumbo, the Retarded Executive Policy Dragon, that love-able lizard with more heart than smarts!

Bumbo would probably say it something like,

“Doi! Even doe da terrorists announced it publicly, we shouldn’t tell da American people who attacked and killed dem because den da terrorists win! DURR!”

Now imagine that in Bumbo’s voice, possibly followed by exuberant guffawing at the sight of his own drool dribbling on the floor.

Does that strategy make you say, “Gee, Bumbo, what an uncharacteristically good idea!” or does it make you say, “Aww. Ha ha! Classic Bumbo!”?

Now, I’m certainly not alleging Ms. Lynch is as simple as our huggable scaly friend here but the thing about having PC on your side is that when you know people will have to take you at your word given the gravity of the situation (I mean the Obama administration would never endanger Americans for the sake of their agenda, would they???), you get lazy. You start saying things that you know don’t really make sense because they don’t have to.

Who’s going to call you on it? The media? *SCOFF*


  • Alexander

    “Political correctness is a war on logic. Its most pernicious element is the way it forces people to pretend not to know things that they do know for a fact when it risks treading on a taboo.”

    Exactly right. It’s like how many liberals pretend like it’s EVERYONE’S fault that reported sexual violence is rising in Europe, but when anyone mentions the real reason they’re called a (insert liberal buzzword here).

    It’s the modern-day heretic. The only difference is that a political ideology is doing it instead of a religious ideology (although one could argue that progressivism is a religion …).

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