BREXIT: Polls closed, Irregularities alleged


The vote to free Britain from the European Union and once again be a fully Sovereign state has taken place. Polls before the vote showed a slight lead to exit the European Union, but no exit polls have been taken so the world waits. That this vote was even taken is a firm sign that world opinion is beginning to sway from globalism.

Claims are being made that irregularities have occurred that could have tampered with the vote.

A man collapsed after being stabbed outside a Huddersfield polling station. Polls were closed for a time.

There is “(rumor) circulating on social media (that) is seemingly convincing a lot of people that the Remain campaign is trying to ‘rig’ the election by rubbing out votes cast in pencil.”

Due to the above claims of erasure of pencil marks, Brexit supporters are bringing their own pens.

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