5 tips for getting wasted in WASTED.


If your favorite part of the Fallout series was the thrill of exploring a new vault for the first time, Mr. Podunkian’s roguelike/fps/rpg hybrid, WASTED is a Godsend.  Here are a few tips for surviving your next bender:

1. Use Tripping hazards to keep tabs on the S.O.B. Purifier.


Most enemies in the Cooler don’t activate until you come near them but once the Purifier spawns, he never stops moving. When you receive the notification that you are “hunted”, drop a tripping hazard or two as you search for the exit. Even when far away from an enemy, you still receive notifications when their limbs are crippled so if you remember where you left them, you’ll have a good idea of where he is and how long you have to find the exit before he turns you into beer basted blood sausage.

2. Choose your weapons according to the ubiquity of their ammo supply.


Rather than going by the raw damage output, pay attention to how many bullets you’re finding for the guns you come across. In the early game, pistol bullets are ubiquitous, meaning the raw damage output you get from the fully automatic “DUZI” or “Greaser” over the “Die Pistol” is often worth the expense to bring down tough enemies fast.  Likewise, rifle ammo is a bit rarer so you may want to lean towards a more conservative yet powerful  semi-auto option like the “Emma Grand” over the admittedly more fun to shoot “Klash”.

3. Don’t underestimate cooking/crafting.


If you’re like me, you die a lot, because you’re too fucking stupid to slow down and check for the shotgun trap right behind the door you just opened. Stupid! So since you’ll be back here again anyway, you should start paying attention to all the seemingly useless look you’re passing by. 2x “Liquid bread”, for example, can be combined at your kitchen to create a solid bread which heals 30HP instantly. Combined with the “Guzzle Gut” hangover perk, that’s 5 more HP healed than a medistim in a zero-eth of the time with no downsides other than the 30 sec. cooldown. Perfect for saving throws.

And the “Cooler Suit” combined with “Raider Bruiser Armor” armor creates the “The Leather Cooler armor”, a high Tinker suit with decent damage perks that only takes up one inventory slot and allows the wearer to harvest every rigged weapon trap zir comes across for ammo. For scavving runs, it can’t be beat!

4. Blue Ox is FUCKING awesome.


Are you seeing this shit?! I always used to hock my chems for caps in Fallout because they rarely ever seemed to come in handy for me but in a game where the time with which you explore floors is of the essence, the speed boost that this consumable provides is invaluable. If you see one, pick it up.

5. Different coolers have different loot. Don’t forget to stock up.


Just because you manage to finish a Cooler doesn’t mean you’ll never have to come back there. Keep in mind, different loot is more common in different coolers. For instance, CA-01 was built to save a bunch of doctors so medistims are more plentiful their than elsewhere. CA-02 was built to house killer robots so I recommend bringing a full stack when you go there.

That’s all I got for now. Can’t wait to read Kissinjerk’s new book on foreign policy. If you don’t know who that is… you’ll see. Happy drinking!


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