Trump Delivers: Slaughters Hillary’s Image


Today has been one of the best days in election politics! Having watched the speech from Mr. Trump and later the speech from Mrs. Clinton, I bring you takeaways from both.

Mr. Trump spoke brilliantly, using teleprompters to stay on point, as he went down a list of easily sourced history attached to Mrs. Clinton to clearly explain why he passionately finds Mrs. Clinton is not for America. Among the points, Mr. Trump pushed heavily on the temperament of his opponent and ran through several instances where his opponent had anything from lies to questionable finance issues.

turning the State Department into her private hedge fund..

Mr. Trump called for uniting Americans while accusing Mrs. Clinton of “..turning the State Department into her private hedge fund,” (to benefit the Clinton Foundation). Clinton supporting media claims this is a dubious claim, as it was contained in the book “Clinton Cash”, saying the book is full of lies with no specific citations on what is lied about.

Another firm point made by Mr. Trump that served to separate him from Mrs. Clinton was

I’m with you, the American people

to contrast with Mrs. Clinton’s “I’m with her” pledge. Mr. Trump resonated well among supporters and even some who are not supporters, but more objective viewers of the contest. The speeches are probably the most important to date and are worthy of the complete watch to make your own observations.

  • IreneGoodenz

    Trump will be the savior of the U.S. that is for sure.

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