Obama’s Brother Allegedly funded Muslim Brotherhood


On June 21st, a video released onto Twitter has been circulating around that claims President Barack Obama’s brother funded or at least worked in correlation to funding the Muslim Brotherhood.

President Obama has been criticized heavily in the past for his former Muslim beliefs, and has even been recalled stating that the Muslim call to prayer is one of the most beautiful sounds on the planet.

In the Twitter video below former Muslim Brotherhood member on a talk show states:

The brother of U.S. President Barack Obama is the architect of the investments for the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

His beliefs and support of Muslims shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone, he is of course the leader of the free world and may hold whatever beliefs he so deems; however, the problem lies with his alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic organization that has been regarded as one of the main funding organizations for Islamic Terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Barack Obama has been accused many times of having hidden support for the Muslim Brotherhood and this recent Tweet only helps to shed some light on to how Obama may be assisting them in regards to funding.

This story is developing and we will add more information as it is uncovered.

  • Jacob Braxon

    Wow, I always knew Obama was Muslim, but his brother funding the MUB???? Our system is corrupt when our government funds a terrorist group.

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