Integrity in Media Election Coverage: Does It Exist?


Media has become synonymous with life, with content flowing out at faster and faster pace.  In the past history of the United States, integrity was paramount to articles printed.  Today, opinion is often seen as fact and press releases are often what becomes an article.  Press releases are designed sell a person, place or thing.  The net effect is media today is selling content.

As my skill is truth, I will see such content come in and take the time to source the veracity of the content.

An exercise that can be done is to read a instant post on twitter from any news source.  Search for other references to the event and compare.  Avoid opinion as truth.  The phrase being opinion are like ones bum and everyone has one.

There has been controversial information released that has changed the face of everything we know.

Media is responsible to tell truth, certainly entertain, but allow the audience form their own opinion.

A recent example of where this has mostly failed the audience is with Donald Trump.  Another is Hillary Clinton.

The presumed Republican Presidential nominee has been called racist for not wanting to allow people of the Muslim faith into the US, or so the main stream media scripts it.  Mr. Trump was merely pointing out the fact that the US government cannot adequately assure the public none of these people are a threat to the country. That makes sense, especially in the recent light of crimes that are being attributed to recent immigrated persons, as well as diseases long gone from the US making an appearance again. A wall was presented as a project for the US southern border. It is no new idea, it has been decades in the thought and suddenly Mr. Trump is again racist. It is not racist to desire securing the country border.

The presumed Democrat Presidential nominee has a long history in politics. That being the case, she draws a lot of fire. No one person can make everybody happy. Mrs. Clinton is a snappy dresser and her bark is a lot better than her bite. In seriousness, she has a lot of experience with the people in government. That may enable her to be a very active President and getting everything she cares about done. That is also the point that bothers many who do not care for her candidacy.

As I said, truth is my game. Trump is accused of xenophobia, and Hillary is confronted with scandalous accusations.  Before making your decision, doing research is the most powerful way to determine who your vote goes to.



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