Hillary Clinton is good for America (she’s not)

hillary clinton
Crooked Hillary Clinton.

And let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Hillary Clinton would be a good president, she just wouldn’t. Whether you are hard leaning left, moderate in the middle, or as far right as it gets; Hillary Clinton has too many skeletons in her closet to run for office.

Landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, Mishandling (deleting) 33,000+ emails from her personal email server, and a horrendous charity foundation (money dump for political favors) are only a small amount of the times former Secretary Clinton has been in the crossfire.

But as it turns out, the villains always get their way. Clinton has seemingly dodged the barrage of horrible media that should be spouting from her long list of dirty deeds, but a quick look into the top donors of her political campaign paint a better picture.

The Clinton News Network, or better referred to as CNN, is owned by Time Warner. Now why does this raise red flags? Because Time Warner is Hillary Clinton’s 8th biggest campaign donor.

The corruption of the top media is so widespread that they are not even trying to hide it anymore, they just assume the masses won’t bat an eye.

Aside from her many mishaps as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton just simply lacks the back bone to hold the most powerful position in the free world. She has proven time and time again to be incompetent, lazy, confused, and downright crooked.

If Americans fall into the trap of electing her this November, she will be laughing at our country the same way that she did after getting a child molester off for his crimes.

“Hahahah.” – Hillary Clinton 


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