Dota 2 – The Manila Major, ESL One Frankfurt, and the Road to TI6



The Manila Major was the 3rd and final Major tournament of Dota 2 with a prize pool of 3 Million Dollars, taking place in the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. According to, the production value of the event was through the roof, and I agree, PGL did a really good job, compared to the disaster at the Shanghai Major.


The patch 6.87 brought a wide variety of heroes to the forefront of battle, totaling to 95 out of 110 heroes picked. I think everyone can say that the 6.87 patch was a great era marked in the history of Dota 2.

The winners of the Manila Major came out to be OG: Miracle-, Moon, Crit-, and Notail; winning 3-1 against team Liquid in a show for the ages.

ESL One Frankfurt was the second Major in Germany following ESL One Cologne and ESL One Frankfurt 2015.

Unlike the Manila Major, ESL One was played in patch 6.88, which was not too different from the last, but it made more heroes viable who weren’t previously.

Through an impressive showing from newly revamped Na’Vi and OG stomping through the brackets to the finals, we were ready for a great Grand Finals on Father’s Day.

Just like Dreamleague, OG stomped Na’Vi 3-0 with a support Miracle-(Who was the mainly mid player) who completely dominated the game as one of the lesser influential roles.


Looking ahead into the International 6!

There is so much going on when it comes to the International 6, with a prospected 40 million dollar prize pool, there is no doubt teams are training hard to get their 1st place share. (For a detailed list of direct invites and teams participating, visit the official website here.)

Beyond the Summit will be doing an open qualifiers hub, where many personalities and casters will be giving their time to provide viewers with a 10/10 experience watching the open qualifiers. The 2 notable teams entering the Qualifiers are the new Evil Geniuses(Winners of TI5, but not invited), and Team Secret.


I’m looking forward to great Esports, and I hope you are too!

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