CisWhiteMaelstrom (now also known as /u/Dylan-W) removed from moderator list on /r/The_Donald

A screenshot of the first sentence of the announcement post on /r/The_Donald

After making a post with the title “I could definitely get away with raping the illegals near me” (on a subreddit meant for intrusive thoughts) and banning people who have an issue with it from /r/The_Donald, and telling moderators about his plan “to create an alt-right subreddit, to hand it over to white nationalist celebrities Jared Taylor, Walt Bismarck, and Richard Spencer, and to promote it on /r/the_donald using /u/Dylan-W”, Reddit user CisWhiteMaelstrom has been removed from the moderator team. For those unfamiliar with the Reddit interface, /u/ is used to denote a username, and /r/ is used to denote a subreddit’s name, based on how it would be entered into the URL to access the user’s profile or the subreddit respectively.

/u/Dylan-W is no stranger to controversy, and has been brought under criticism by many redditors for allegedly banning people unjustly from /r/The_Donald, and according to one comment from the previously linked /r/The_Donald thread “he was becoming “that guy” at the party. Like ehhhh alright man, just shut the fuck up already, drink your beer and stop saying random racist shit”. Another comment reads: “…I don’t want to even know who the mods are. The sub is about Donald not the mods. I appreciate what they do but this isn’t a way to become famous.”

Not all comments on the post were so critical of /u/Dylan-W, though with another one reading: “This really sucks to hear. Kinda like the Corey Lewandowski news. I really appreciated the energy CWM brought to the forum although I was troubled by some of the recent stickies. Tough call, I respect that you guys made it and announced it and explained it… …I’ll miss CWM. I hope everyone else is planning on keeping their foot on the gas, and we might as well, since as always there are NO BRAKES on this motherfucker. Pour out some Trump wine for the two HIGH ENERGY centipedes no longer with us at the top…. C. Lewandowski [the former campaign manager for Donald Trump, who was fired today] and C. W. Maelstrom.”

It’s also worth nothing that as of now, /u/Dylan-W has deleted their account on Reddit.

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